Amp-Line Corp.

We design and manufacture complete test systems (test stations) for our clients. We produce Rate Check, Time Check, Ramp Check, Ultimate Trip, and Voltage Trip test systems using our programmable constant current sources as the core component. Please consult our sales or technical support department with your specific requirements. Read more...

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ValueTronics International, Inc.

The Elgar CW2501M is a 9.3 Amp AC Current Source.

Output Power: 2500VA
Voltage Ranges: 0 to 135 VRMS or 0 to 270 VRMS
Current: 18.6 ARMS in 135 VAC range or 9.3 ARMS in 270 VAC range
Frequency Range: 45 to 500 Hz
Two independent front-panel 4 digit voltage/current/frequency meters
Voltage and current can be set from individual 10-turn potentiometer... Read more...

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