Harper International Corporation

Harper offers clients access to a number of research and piloting facilities for thermal processing to help develop the most efficient and effective regime to meet their goal. We understand the importance of R&D necessary for the scale up of advanced materials. Using our depth and breadth of experience in thermal process programs, we partner with our customers in our Ignite® Prog... Read more...

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Acrolab Ltd.


Acrolab’s trademarked ISOMANDREL® is an enhanced mandrel which can replace your current mandrels. This exclusive technology is demonstration of an internal process, within the mandrel, which enhances its thermal conductivity and thermal reactivity. The process permits heat to be applied in a localized concentration that is then r... Read more...

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NDE Professionals Inc.

NDE Professionals, Inc. has 25 years of experience necessary to provide commercial businesses with ASME NQA-1 services and support. Read more...

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