GlobalSpec Electronic Components & Product Design Online Trade Show and Event Draws More Than 1,200 Attendees

86 percent of engineering, technical and industrial professionals at GlobalSpec virtual event are decision makers

East Greenbush, NY (May 3, 2012) – The “Electronic Components & Product Design” online trade show and event on April 25 hosted by GlobalSpec drew more than 1,200 participants, with 86 percent of attendees reporting they are decision makers within their organizations. The free virtual conference is now available on demand to give engineers and industrial professionals easy access to educational presentations and industry-leading supplier resources from the live-day event.

GlobalSpec’s “Electronic Components & Product Design” event provided learning opportunities to discover some of the latest trends, technologies, and innovations across key areas of electronic components and product design, including: processors and IP cores, wireless networking protocols, power management, battery technologies, and user interface and display innovations. Attendees also had the chance to interact with exhibitors, network with their peers and attend educational sessions.

Industrial professionals were able to take advantage of these learning and networking opportunities from the convenience of their desktops, without having to budget for travel expenses or lose time away from the office.

“Industrial professionals who attended our Electronic Components & Product Design online event heard from experts on some of the latest trends shaping the electronics industry and connected with leading suppliers on cutting edge innovations and technologies in the marketplace,” said Donna Lewis, vice president of e-publishing and e-events for GlobalSpec. “Our exhibitors took advantage of this unique opportunity to share their products and solutions with a highly engaged and captivated audience.”

Speakers and topics at the event included:

  • A System on Chip Approach to Active-Shutter 3D Glasses – As consumer adoption rates for 3D display technologies increase, manufacturers of 3D active-shutter glasses face the continual challenge of developing high-quality glasses at costs consumers are willing to accept. Reducing physical size, lowering power consumption, and developing true universal operation have also become critical considerations for manufacturers vying for a piece of this market. Moving from the discrete or ASIC-based solutions of today to more flexible system-on-chip solutions now being offered, may be the answer.
    Presented by Robert Murphy, Applications Engineer Sr., Cypress Semiconductor
  • Understanding ADC Noise, ENOB and Effective Resolution – This tutorial discussed analog-to-digital converter (ADC) specifications such as noise, ENOB and effective resolution. These specifications are critical to determining the error budget in an analog signal chain.
    Presented by Jamaal Mitchell, Business Manager, Maxim Integrated Products
  • Polymers and Plastics in Telecommunications – It has been projected that the global market for telecommunications products will reach $50 billion by 2015. The growing market for these products has created a need for materials with special properties to meet equipment challenges. This presentation covered important aspects of materials selection for the design of telecommunications products.
    Presented by Sitaram Rampalli, President and Principal Consultant, Polyplast Consultants International, Inc.
  • To Offshore or Reshore: How to Decide Objectively – Recent reports by Boston Consulting Group and others forecast a convergence of Chinese and U.S. net manufacturing costs by 2015. To help companies make better sourcing decisions and suppliers sell more effectively, the Reshoring Initiative provides free software that helps customers calculate the real offshoring impact on their P&L.
    Presented by Harry C. Moser, Founder and President, Reshoring Initiative

The “Electronic Component & Product Design” event was sponsored by the ECIA - Electronic Components Industry Association.

Companies exhibiting at this event included: Interpower Corporation; American National Standards Institute, Inc.; ITT Interconnect Solutions; Accura Calibration; Accurate Screw Machine Corp. (ASM); E-Z-HOOK; Elasto Proxy Inc.; Newark / element14; Silicon Designs, Inc.; and Triad Magnetics.

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Amber Cooleen
Marketing Director

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