The Pulse360: Instrumentation Amplifier Chips – A Growing Part of the Manufacturing and Automotive Sectors

Searches for instrumentation amplifier chips on are up tremendously since 2018. While searches are up globally by 2141%, we see the highest areas of growth in the Americas and EMEA regions (up 2610% and 2501%, respectively), with steady by smaller growth in APAC (up 1425%).

The industries contributing most to this growth are automotive (up 2697%) and general manufacturing (up 2194%). Searches are up most amongst design engineers (up 2722%) and those in the technical design services industry (up 3690%).

Instrumentation amplifier chips are precision amplifier circuits with both high-impedance differential inputs and high common-mode rejection. They are used for very accurate, low-noise measurements. Instrumentation amplifier chips are commonly used in industrial test and measurement applications. Their small size and low power make it ideal for a wide range of portable applications.

For both automotive manufacturing and general manufacturing the use of automation and sensors growing rapidly. While instrumentation amplifier chips were most commonly used in test and measurement, their use case is now expanding to include cleaning signals that are being transferred between sensors or to controllers in highly automated manufacturing and processing applications.

Another reason for their increased use in the automotive sector may be due to the rise in highly sensitive sensors within automobiles themselves. This trend is poised to continue as automobiles continue to be more autonomous. The more the sensor signals are susceptible to noise, the more these amplifier chips will be in demand.


Amber Cooleen
Marketing Director

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