The Pulse360: Tenuous Agricultural Market Increasingly Looks to Technology to Stabilize Business

Searches for agricultural and farming services are up on since 2018 – by 790% in Asia Pacific (APAC) and 112% in the Americas. Interestingly, searches in EMEA are down by 26%.

The largest increase comes from those whose professional roles are in the Research and Development sector, with a 790% increase.

In the agriculture sector, business profit margins are relatively tight and external factors such as weather, governmental regulations, and foreign trade policy play a large role in a farm’s success. These same factors can be volatile and predicting how they may change is nearly impossible. With tariffs and trade policymaking more and more national headlines recently, it’s no surprise that the agriculture industry may be feeling even more vulnerable than usual.

With a constantly changing playing field, those in the agricultural industry, especially on the research and development side, are looking to technology to help stabilize their business. For example, ground moisture sensors help ensure that crops receive an optimal amount of water, while also being eco-friendly. Sensors are increasingly important in drought-prone areas. Technology is also increasingly used to minimize the cost of labor and can include the automation of harvesting, planting, and watering.


Amber Cooleen
Marketing Director

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