The Pulse360: Searches for IC Analog Switches on Increase as Automation Demand Continues to Rise

Searches for IC Analog switches on are up 260% since 2018.

The increase in searches is led by those in the Automotive and Communications industries, where searches are up by 197% and 253%, respectively.

IC analog switches are integrated circuits (ICs) that allow electric current to flow when closed and prevent current from flowing when open. They are often used to interface analog signals to digital controllers.

While the average consumer may not even know what an analog switch is, design engineers who specify them for a variety of end-use applications are certainly familiar with them.

Autonomous vehicles are one example of this, where these switches help vehicles make decisions and be more efficient. The global autonomous vehicle industry is an $8 trillion market opportunity, according to General Motors.

As technology advances for switches and controllers, professionals in the automotive industry must remain current with the latest technology, which may explain why we see an increase in searches from this sector. We expect this interest in IC analog switches to continue as more switches are deployed in vehicles.

Much like autonomous vehicles, networking and wireless applications are increasingly using these switches to monitor and analyze information. From automation in factories to weather stations, switches are used to monitor and report data, which is why we see an uptick in searches from communications professionals in the datacom, telecom, wireless, and networks industries.


Amber Cooleen
Marketing Director

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