The Pulse360: As Coronavirus Spreads, Searches for Respirators Spike

As headlines about the Coronavirus dominate the news, and the number of worldwide cases of Covid-19 reaches 100,000, it’s clear that visitors to are concerned.

Since the beginning of 2020, traffic in the Respirators and Dust Masks product area on has risen significantly.

In January, monthly visits were up 64% over the 2019 second-half average. In February, visits skyrocketed to greater than 580% of the 2019 second-half average. While dust masks and respirators are not typically on the list of most searched product areas, during this time they were one of the Top 6 traffic areas.

The majority of increased traffic was from the United States, which saw a 529% increase. There was also a small traffic bump in searches from Canada, Hong Kong, India, and the United Kingdom.

Even with the increase in search activity, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) does not recommend the routine use of respirators in public. Because viruses are spread among close contacts, the CDC recommends everyday preventative actions, such as avoiding people who are sick, avoiding touching your eyes or nose, and covering your cough or sneeze with a tissue, never your hand. Additionally, N95 respirators are only effective when properly fitted. Most other face masks do not effectively filter small particles from the air such as viruses and are intended only for contaminated patients.


Amber Cooleen
Marketing Director

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