The Pulse360: Searches for Gaussmeters up 84% on

Searches for gaussmeters are up 84% on over the last year. Searches from the APAC region are largely responsible for that increase. Searches from that region grew astronomically, by 9546%. Searches from EMEA were also up 579%, while searches in the Americas region decreased by 67%. The greatest increase in searches comes from those in the education industry, followed by those in instrumentation and control.

Gaussmeters are instruments designed to measure the strength and direction of a magnetic field. Educators, researchers, electricians, product designers and others find them useful when studying magnetism or developing projects. In recent years, the price of gaussmeters has dropped dramatically, making them more widely available.

Gaussmeters are commonly used to understand and troubleshoot wiring, magnetic field generation and orientation. Because magnetism varies by location and with differences in the Earth's magnetic field or magnetosphere, gaussmeters are used to provide orientation including navigation and leveling information.

At one time gaussmeters were primarily used to measure a magnet’s strength. Today they enjoy a variety of applications that make them a necessary tool to understand electrical current and voltage flow as well as for use in navigational instruments. In those industrial segments where automation is driven by signals and voltages, it is imperative that gaussmeter technology is used for monitoring and troubleshooting. The rise of gaussmeter technology may be a direct result of a continued push toward automation in manufacturing processes.

All these new uses of gaussmeter technology make them a key component of the education field. Students and educators alike need the measurement and understanding of magnetic fields as new automation and control techniques are developed and taught.


Amber Cooleen
Marketing Director

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