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ABB Measurement & Analytics - Save $ w/ Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems

Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems (PEMS) - Accurate, regulatory-compliant, machine learning solution cutting initial investment and lifecycle costs. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Pressure transmitters with Digital Diaphragm Seal

Discover "One solution, two devices, three main benefits" with our new Digital Diaphragm Seal configuration for pressure transmitters for improved performance, lower costs and faster response time. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - PxD100 new solution for remote seal applications

PxD100 is our new compact remote seal solution combining all the advantages of the Pxx100 series with the efficiency of the S26 remote seals connections. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Protecting aquatic ecosystems

While ships are a highly effective way of carrying cargoes around the world, they can also provide a way of transporting pollutants – both man-made and biological – that can be damaging to the environment if left unmanaged. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Pressure Transmitter essential for food & beverage

PxF100 is the new pressure transmitter from ABB, designed
to fit the food and beverage market, from primary
processing lines up to installations on packing machines. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - How to get accurate interface level measurement

The merits of pressure transmitters for accurate interface level measurement.

Selecting the right solution for an interface level measurement application requires consideration of many factors including accuracy, aggressiveness of the application media, and the level of maintenance deemed acceptable for the application. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Digital measurement: water & wastewater treatment

Developments in measurement technology are opening new opportunities for the operation and management of both potable and wastewater treatment processes. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Keep your ships fuel cost on course

Sailing the seven seas can be an expensive business, with operators faced with a variety of cost challenges. For all operators, fuel represents a significant expense that can have a major impact on profitability. In this blog we look at how accurate measurement delivered can help to reduce your cost of ownership by managing fuel supplies more efficiently. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Electromagnetic flowmeter AquaMaster 4 wins award

AquaMaster4: The ultimate flow measurement solution for District Metered Areas. Measuring every drop accurately! AquaMaster4 awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Improve water sustainability- accurate measurement

Making water supplies more sustainable and maximizing revenues can help enable utilities to continue to bring water to more people. We look at how the growing capabilities of modern electromagnetic flowmeters can help minimize water losses and boost revenue. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - ABB emissions monitoring helps maritime industry

New ABB emission monitoring solution helps the maritime industry achieve decarbonization targets

The launch of ABB’s CEMcaptain will help shipping comply with the sulphur emission regulations that were enforced in 2020, and keep in check their CO2 footprint. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - ABB greenhouse gas sensor onboard SpaceX rocket

ABB sensor onboard SpaceX rocket to detect greenhouse gas emissions - An optical sensor manufactured by ABB was deployed with the successful launch of satellite Hugo from GHGSat, the emerging leader in greenhouse gas sensing services in space. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Gas leak detection made easy with ABB's MicroGuard

Leaking natural gas pipelines in urban environments can result in explosions and fires. The new ABB MicroGuard™ solution will work alongside ABB’s MobileGuard™ to pinpoint dangerous gas leaks. Faster and easier detection with our patented laser-based technology will help reduce fatalities, environmental damage and material loss. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Reduce costs with the ultrasonic level transmitter

Reduce costs with the ultrasonic level transmitter that is intelligence-driven and user-friendly

New and feature-rich, the LST200 is easy to install, commission and maintain as well as stable in use, decreasing total expenditure over the product’s lifetime. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Truly autonomous temperature measurement

Truly autonomous temperature measurement: flexible, safe, available now (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Continuous Emissions Monitoring: how digital technologies help clean up the air (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Oil & Gas producers: more wellhead connectivity

Oil and gas producers can achieve more wellhead connectivity with XIO (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - New fire control application for Aquamaster4

Water sprinkler systems provide a first line of defense against fire in industrial, commercial and domestic buildings. ABB’s AquaMaster4 electromagnetic flowmeter offers the ideal solution for measuring water in fire suppression system applications. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Production of Magnos28 is stepped up for hospitals

ABB’s Magnos28 paramagnetic gas analyzer is fast becoming well-known in industry for its unique silicon microwing® sensor which replaces the traditional glass dumbbell. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - ABB technology helps ease Bangkok's water crisis

Utilizing digital technology to optimize water management in the capital city of Thailand (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Condition monitoring for measurement devices

ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for measurement devices - Cut compliance costs and keep continuous gas analyzers under control (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Digital Services that enable remote support

Keeping operations going with uninterrupted maintenance when global conditions become disruptive (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - pH sensors with advanced analytical capability

ABB has launched a new range of color-coded sensors that makes it easy to choose and manage the optimal pH measurement solution. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - 700 ULTRA-D digital pH/ORP sensor

Part of the next generation of ABB’s pH/ORP sensors, the digital700 ULTRA-D is a high-performance electrode designed for ultra-pure water applications. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - ABB's range of digital water transmitters

Open up a new world of water analysis - ABB's range of digital water transmitters (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - ABB AWT210 2 wire transmitter

The intrinsically safe AWT210 two-wire universal transmitter is a single-channel device for the measurement and control of pH, ORP or conductivity in hazardous and non-hazardous area applications. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - ABB 266HSH Modbus Pressure/Temperature Transmitter

ABB 266HSH Modbus® Pressure Transmitter - Measurement made easy (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - ABB helps track Black Holes w/ Precision Accuracy

The main challenges faced by ABB in the development of the mechanism are to ensure it can survive the vacuum of space, the launch vibrations, the -269 °C operating temperature, the compensation of micro vibration disturbances, all the while maintaining positional stability at a hundred thousandth of a millimeter. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - TALYS ASP400 series - industrial FT-NIR analyzer

The TALYS ASP400 series is a single-point fiber optics based industrial FT-NIR analyzer designed for in-line monitoring and control of continuous processes. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - ABB Subsea Technologies for offshore Oil & Gas

ABB Ability™ solutions for offshore Oil & Gas explore deeper resources and increase profitability and reliability of operations through subsea power and automation. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Fieldbus and Wireless Device Management

Use ABB device intelligence to save cost and to minimize maintenance. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Laser process analyzer LGR-ICOS™ 950 Series

LGR-ICOS 950 Series laser process analyzers accurately measure gas concentrations with extraordinarily high sensitivity, fast response and over a wide dynamic range in both simple and complex mixtures. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - LMS200 magnetic level gauge switch

Delivers leading-edge technology to the non-invasive switch market by facilitating accurate level measurement for oil & gas, chemical, and power generation applications (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Spirit IT Flow-X accurate & secure flow computer

The Spirit IT Flow-X is the most accurate and secure flow computer on the market today with a modern design and user interface. It can be used for gas, liquid and steam and provides configurable functionality to control any flow measurement system. Its hardware and software are certified against the most stringent legal metrology standards. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Gas chromatograph oven iwth integrated controller

Reduces up to 50% of the overall shelter space required to house traditional PGC5000 ovens (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Laser process analyzer LRG-ICOS™ 927 Series

The 927 Series is a general-purpose LGR-ICOS analyzer that is ideal for safety, process monitoring in non-hazardous areas (e.g., semiconductor cleanrooms), and continuous emissions monitoring. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Turbidity & Total suspended Solids (TSS) Sensor

Aztec ATS430 The simplest way to remain compliant with turbidity and TSS level monitoring. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Compact Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitter LST300

Learn more about ABBs compact ultrasonic level transmitter for liquid level measurement. LST300 is the most powerful ultrasonic level sensor in a compact form (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - HP30 Process analyzer, in-line monitoring hydrogen

ABB introduces HP30, a new process analyzer for refinery and petrochemical hydrogen management. Designed for in-line monitoring of hydrogen concentrations in presence of typical refinery contaminants. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Industrial Flow Measurement Made Easy with ABB

This 290-page handbook is a comprehensive guide to industrial flow measurement. From basics and technology principles to application overviews and selection help, this guide is a must-have for process industry experts. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - ABB's Magnos28 Paramagnetic Oxygen Measurement

Metals and chemical industry
Magnos28 oxygen monitoring in the production of technical metal powders

Optimizing oxidation process to ensure metal powder quality. Ensuring process safety by inert gas monitoring. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - True Cost of Custody Transfer Mismeasurement

In the oil and gas industry, operations are only as good as what they can measure. When it’s time to move product from one place to another, accurate custody transfer measurement is paramount. Without a precise account of what’s been delivered, operations cannot accurately charge for their services and this can have major financial implications. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Measurement at the heart of a cement plant

Continuously monitoring gas compositions at the inlet of modern cement kilns provides safe control over firing and clinker quality. However, it is one of the most challenging tasks in industrial applications and requires reliable and robust equipment. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - ABB Ability™ mobile gas leak detection

Finds leaks fast and shares data via the Cloud. Improves pipeline integrity and public safety. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - ABB spectrometer in low-earth orbit

ABB spectrometer in low-earth orbit profiles atmospheric chemistry (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Monitoring festival water usage & reservoir level

Monitoring water usage and reservoir levels at England's massive Glastonbury Festival (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Continuous emission monitoring system from ABB

The architectural design of the waste-to-energy plant roof will serve as public leisure landscape and include a snow slope for skiers of all levels. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - New Millmate Thickness Gauge from ABB

ABB introduces gapless thickness measurement for aluminium strip! (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - LLT100 Non-Contact Laser Level Transmitters

The LLT100 is a high performance laser transmitter that accurately measures level, distance and position over short and long ranges. It is a non-contact, level measuring instrument designed for industrial applications and harsh environments. (read more)

ABB Measurement & Analytics - Instrumentation & Analyzers- Beverage Applications

Rising raw material and energy prices, seasonal demands and regulation, require much tighter control and automation in the beverage industry. ABB's measurement and analytical solutions deliver accurate data and control to optimize your business. (read more)