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Asahi/America, Inc. - Larger Series 19 Actuator for Butterfly Valves

Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in thermoplastic fluid flow technology, has recently expanded its Series 19 SAV electric actuation line to include a larger sized actuator, known as the S400, capable of operating on Asahi/America’s family of 8” and 10” Type-57 butterfly valves. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - How Thermoplastic Valves Operate in Aquatic Life

The purpose of an aquatic life support system is to monitor and control the conditions of a body of water that is holding aquatic life. In this article, learn how to choose the right valve for a life support system (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Thermoplastic Valves & Piping In Agriculture

Beginning in 2021, Asahi/America started dedicating time and research to understanding and penetrating the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) market. CEA represents an advanced and intensive form of hydroponics-based agriculture where plants grow within a controlled environment for optimized yield. Learn where thermoplastic materials can fit into the control space of these faciliti... (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Polypropylene Pipe Applications in Power Industry

For many applications, steel pipe is the solution, especially in power plants where pressures and temperatures exceed thermoplastic pipe's pressure and temperature limits. There are some exceptions to this unwritten rule, and for this article, we will discuss a few of these applications where polypropylene pipe works exemplarily in the correct application. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - New Manual Ball Valve Limit Switch (J-Switch®)

Asahi/America, Inc. is pleased to introduce the new J-Switch™ manual limit switch compatible with Asahi/America’s Type-21/21a ball valves and Type-23 Multiport™ ball valves. The new limit switch is a low-cost manual valve position indication solution. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Valve & Piping Systems in Metal Finishing Apps.

Recently, a Brazilian company asked Asahi/America for a recommendation on three chemical applications. Read article for Asahi/America's material recommendations. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Overcoming Challenges of Off-Site Manufacturing

The number of new semiconductor fabs being built in the U.S. has reached an unprecedented high. Shortages of on-site skilled labor are pushing the industry to adopt off-site manufacturing (OSM) and modularization strategies. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Series 19 MAV MultiPack® Multiturn Actuator

Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in thermoplastic fluid flow technology, has recently expanded its Series 19 electric actuation line to include a multiturn unit capable of operating on diaphragm and gate valves up to 4”. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Partnership w/McElroy to Provide Welding Equipment

Asahi/America, Inc. has recently formed a strategic partnership with McElroy Manufacturing, Inc., based in Tulsa, Oklahoma to provide industry-leading fusion equipment to the market, compatible with Asahi/America’s thermoplastic piping systems. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - How a Rotary Actuator Operates on MultiTurn Valves

The newest addition to Asahi/America’s Series 19 actuation product line is the MultiPack® rotary electric actuator. The Series 19 MultiPack® is specifically designed for multiturn and non-rising stem valves such as Asahi’s type-14 diaphragm and gate valves. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Thermoplastic Valve & Piping for Food & Beverage

Due to its inherent advantages, performance plastics are utilized in a wide range of applications in the food and beverage industry. These applications include the transport of drinking water, wastewater, and chemicals. Replacing stainless steel process components such as piping, valves, filter housings, and tanks with plastics is becoming more common... (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Demystifying Polypropylene

Asahi/America's article, Demystifying Polypropylene, explores some of the intricacies and advancements in polypropylene. We look at some key aspects of polymers and copolymers, and discuss the potential impact of these innovations.

Understanding the foundation is just the beginning. To truly harness the power of these advancements and turn them into tangible benefits for yo... (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Hydrogen: Product Certifications & Standards

With the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill in 2022, the US Government has now initiated the conversion of the US economy from a hydro-carbon-based economy to a hydrogen-based economy. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Cleaning & Sanitization in Pharma & Biotech

Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems are commonly used in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical facilities. It is a method of cleaning manufacturing equipment, including elements such as pipes, filters, and fittings, without disassembling it. The equipment is cleaned using a series of cleaning solutions that are pumped through the system and flushed out with water. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Thermoplastics in Landfill Applications

Asahi/America has a strong history of critical application services in the landfill business with success in simple applications such as small-bore ball valves, chemical resistant piping, and highly-critical double containment piping with leak detection technology. Some other common applications require massive 36" diameter butterfly valves. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - New Size for Co-extruded Double Containment Piping

Asahi/America's Poly-Flo® PP-R and Advanced PE co-extruded double containment piping system is now available in 6x9 size. Time saving on each project and low cost, easy installation, makes this the ideal system for drainage systems, pressurized transfer lines and industrial applications needing up to 6" carrier pipe. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Technical Standards for Thermoplastic Pipe Systems

Asahi/America's familiarity with technical standards and safety codes can help navigate projects and the selection of material that customers requiring CRN and TSSA can efficiently employ for their thermoplastic pipe systems. In this article, we discuss when CRNs are necessary, then how TSSA ties into the conversation. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Polyethylene: How Many Names Can One Product Have?

Plastics—it's all the same, right? That statement is not necessarily true, and many high-performance polymers fall under the "plastics" moniker. This article, "Polyethylene: How Many Names Can One Product Have?" will concentrate on one of the most common polymers, polyethylene, and unlock the mystery behind its confusing, convoluted naming scheme. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Chemical Resistance with Confidence

Confidence is essential when researching what material to use in an application. Beyond the function of valves, the material selection remains the most critical decision. Combining body material and elastomeric material compatibility to ensure a long service life is why customers continue to rely on Asahi/America for our recommendation. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Sanitary Adapters Option Now Available

Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in thermoplastic fluid flow technology, now offers its T-342 diaphragm valves with optional sanitary adapter end connectors. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - LEAK DETECTION





It is an enormous privilege to supply products to important markets utilizing our research laboratory, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics capabilities. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Why Plastics vs. Metals

There are numerous factors the design community must consider when choosing the proper material for a specific application. Some of these factors include: type of media, temperature, pressure, flow rate, environment, local codes, project cost, project schedule, and total install cost. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Thermoplastic Valves and Their Performance

Thermoplastic valves offer a dependable and economical way to handle corrosive chemicals in some of the harshest environments. When comparing nonmetallic valves to metal valves there are many criteria the specifier must consider, including:

  • Process pressure
  • Temperature boundaries (high & low) of material
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Abrasion res...
(read more)
Asahi/America, Inc. - Thermoplastic for Compressed Air - Safe Options

There are limited, acceptable thermoplastic pipe options for compressed air because of safety concerns, high costs, and unsuitable application conditions. OSHA’s issued standards state that if thermoplastic piping materials are to be used for compressed air or gas applications, “the pipes must either be constructed of or encased in, shatter-resistant material.” (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Size Matters

We usually describe the different pipe classes and materials in very basic sizing terms (for example: ½”, 2”, 6”, sched 40 or DR 11). Sometimes, we clarify by saying metric or IPS, but do we really appreciate the nuances of what we are saying? Do we really understand how the thickness, type of material, or even size, impacts the performance of a system? (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Prefabrication: Increase Quality and Reduce Costs

Asahi/America frequently fabricates spools and assemblies out of our engineered thermoplastic pipes to meet our customers' dimensions, specifications, and delivery needs. We’ve been fabricating double containment systems since before we received our first fabrication patent in the late ’80s. Asahi continues to expand our capabilities and capacity through new equipment and per... (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Thermoplastic Compressed Air Piping Systems

Metal pipes have been used and installed in fluid and gas applications since the mid-19th century. Metal pipes are strong, safe, and provide excellent performance for many demanding services. Plastic pipes are an alternative to metal pipes for many fluid applications. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Navigating the Thermoplastics Maze

Thermoplastic resins are in constant development to enhance specific characteristics that may offer value for a myriad of applications. With so many thermoplastic piping materials offered today for applications ranging from potable water to hot sulfuric acid, it’s not always clear which are best suited for particular applications. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - High Purity Piping Systems: Material Selection

In both semiconductor manufacturing and the life science industry, purified water (PW), deionized water (DI) and ultrapurified water (UPW) play critical roles in final product quality. The specification of appropriate pipe materials and joining methods is an important consideration for MEP system engineers. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Control Valve Technologies in Thermoplastics

Asahi/America’s end users have trusted the use of our valves and actuators for critical applications in chemical, water, wastewater, ultrapure water, and oil and gas for more than 50 years. Asahi offers the broadest range of non-metallic control valves. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Thermoplastics: Marine & Oil and Gas Applications

The purpose of classifications, certifications, standards, or codes is to aid an industry and its regulatory bodies with regards to safety, based on a vast accumulation of their knowledge. Organizations worldwide define their activities by providing some form of classification services. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Choosing an Actuator: Factors and Considerations

While typically the most common and thoroughly discussed component of any process system is the valve, one component that is equally critical, yet often misunderstood, and sometimes even overlooked is the actuator. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Case Study: Advanced PE - Poultry Process Facility

Bacterial contamination is a primary concern in the food processing industry. Sanitizing piping systems that process food-grade antimicrobials, like peracetic acid (PAA), are critical in poultry processing. If the sanitizing system is down due to piping issues, leaks or corrosion, the plant must shut down, ultimately delaying production. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Case Study: Thermoplastics - Aquaculture Farm

Abalone is considered a seafood delicacy in many countries. When raised on an aquaculture farm, they receive a constant supply of pure, cold, nutrient-rich seawater they require via life support systems consisting of valves and long runs of pipe. The valves are used for shut-off purposes for the abalone’s holding tanks, life support filtering beds, and the associated feeding pipeli... (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - New Type-57P CPVC Butterfly Valve Sizes Available

Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in thermoplastic fluid flow technology, announces the recent addition to its Type-57P butterfly valve line to include 10” and 12” sizes in a CPVC body and disc model. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Series 19 Smart Electric Actuation Introduced

Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in thermoplastic fluid flow technology, is pleased to introduce the Series 19 electric actuator. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Type-21a ½” Flare Fitting for Vented Ball Valve

Introducing a 1/2" flare fitting option for Asahi/America's Type-21a vented ball valves. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Air-Pro® Piping System Includes 10-Year Warranty

Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in thermoplastic fluid flow technology, announces that Air-Pro® specially formulated PE compressed air piping system now offers a 10-year warranty. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Case Study: Thermoplastics - Odor Control

Before wastewater can be safely returned to the environment, organic and chemical contaminants need to be removed to protect the integrity of our natural resources. During the treatment process, however, unpleasant odors can be released into the areas surrounding the treatment plant and waft into public spaces and neighborhoods, resulting in complaints from residents. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Case Study: Advanced PE - Wastewater Treatment

Water and wastewater treatment plants using PVC pipe for their chemical systems often experience leaks at the joints. This is because the harsh chemicals in the system attack the solvent cement used to connect the pipe. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Case Study: Pipe System - Fertilizer Manufacturer

A fertilizer company in Florida was experiencing corrosion of their compressed air piping system caused by this type of chemical coating created during production. They had tried replacing the pipe using different metals, including aluminum, but the issues continued. A better, more permanent solution was needed. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - 4 Considerations for Valve Automation

Aside from the control system itself, the most comprehensively discussed component of any process system is the valve. Whether the application is a simple open/closed manual valve, severe service flow control valve or critical isolation valve, engineers and suppliers spend hours discussing, specifying and designing valve packages that can withstand a multitude of factors for operation. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Case Study: Advanced PE Piping System - Shipyard

In 1998, a dry dock company located in northern Florida built a new 600-foot-long pier, which included all ship construction service pipelines for maintenance purposes. The company did not want the same metal pipe corrosion issues on the new pier they had experienced the year before. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - ECTFE (Halar®) Piping Sulfuric Acid Best Practices

Based on Asahi/America's decades of experience supplying single and double contained piping systems with sulfuric acid, we are pleased to provide material compatibility recommendations, specific to ECTFE (Halar®) piping. (read more)

Asahi/America, Inc. - Custom Fabrication Services

From concept to completion, we're dedicated to supporting you. Asahi/America’s experienced team of application engineers and production personnel will work to accommodate your system's unique needs with our wide range of corrosion resistant thermoplastic materials. (read more)