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Cly-Del Manufacturing Company - Cly-Del Mfg. Acquires Semco Tool & Manufacturing

The Cly-Del Manufacturing Company proudly announces its acquisition of Semco Tool & Manufacturing Company Inc., of Naugatuck, a distinguished manufacturer of custom eyelets and deep-drawn metal components. This strategic partnership is rooted in a shared commitment to preserving family ownership and fostering four generations of dedicated leadership deeply embedded in the Greater Wat... (read more)

Cly-Del Manufacturing Company - Critical battery components.

We have a legacy of powering the world's leading brands with critical battery components. From cans to caps, our American-made products drive excellence in the battery industry. (read more)

Cly-Del Manufacturing Company - Cly-Del, a leader in the eyelet industry

Cly-Del has production capacity to produce traditional eyelets as well as ferrules, shells, and countless other configurations of formed metal articles in high-volume. The following processes are inherent or can be incorporated transfer press production, often eliminated costly secondary operations (read more)

Cly-Del Manufacturing Company - Customized Battery Parts
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Stationary storage
  • Renewable energies
(read more)
Cly-Del Manufacturing Company - Metal Goods for Agricultural Applications
  • Irrigation
  • Lawn and garden
  • Heavy equipment
(read more)
Cly-Del Manufacturing Company - Quality cans, shells, and casings

Quality cans, shells, and casings begin with quality cups. Cly-Del’s market-leading production capabilities are made possible by our advanced cupping solutions and extensive knowledge base. (read more)

Cly-Del Manufacturing Company - Delivering high-quality prototyping solutions

Leveraging our comprehensive capabilities, we efficiently help clients achieve their goals, from initial concept to scaled production. With a deep understanding of product development, Cly-Del is well-equipped to ensure quick and successful realization of your vision. Trust us to be your reliable partner on the path to innovation and success. (read more)

Cly-Del Manufacturing Company - High-Precision Drawn Metal Components

The Cly-Del Manufacturing Company is a fourth generation family-owned and operated business dedicated to preserving the tradition of American manufacturing (read more)

Cly-Del Manufacturing Company - High-Precision Stamped Metal Components

The Cly-Del Manufacturing Company is a fourth generation family-owned and operated business dedicated to preserving the tradition of American manufacturing. (read more)

Cly-Del Manufacturing Company - Design and engineering of components

As industry leaders in the production of high volume metal goods, we tirelessly strive to design, develop, and manufacture the components of tomorrow’s innovations today. (read more)

Cly-Del Manufacturing Company - Development & Production of Precision Components

Creating manufacturing solutions that help drive our customers’ success for a wide range of applications across many industries. With an emphasis on quality, technology, and flexibility, Cly-Del is among the world's leading manufacturers of precision metal goods. (read more)

Cly-Del Manufacturing Company - High Volume Precision Metal Stamping

With dedicated multidisciplinary engineering and complete toolmaking capabilities, Cly-Del has the specialized aptitude it takes to consistently manufacture components for exceptional performance. (read more)