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Enidine Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Enidine Inc. - CRS Series Stainless Steel Shock Absorbers

Our New Corrosion Resistance Series (CRS) Stainless Steel Shock Absorbers are now available with a 17-4PH stainless steel cylinder, piston rod, and piston cap. They are an eco-friendly solution for harsh-environment industrial and wash down applications. (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Small Shock Absorber -Stable, Reliable Performance

PXR Series Shock Absorbers

Stable, Reliable Performance in a Small Shock Absorber Package

Enidine PXR Series small bore non-adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers can accommodate a large array of energy input conditions. This new expanded line of tamperproof industrial shock absorbers provides consistent performance, cycle after cycle. The new PXR models are designed to absor... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - ECO Series Non-Adjustable Shock Absorbers

Enidine is revolutionizing the industrial shock absorber market with the release of the first environmentally friendly design. (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Viscous Dampers & Seismic Dampers

Viscous dampers (also known as seismic dampers) are hydraulic devices that dissipate the kinetic energy of seismic events and cushion the impact between structures. They are versatile devices that can be designed to allow free movement as well as controlled damping of structures to protect them from wind load, thermal motion, or seismic events.
Our seismic dampers are well-suited f... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Rate Control Products

Enidine Rate Controls are used to regulate the speed or time required for a mechanism to move from one position to another. They use proven technology to enhance performance in a variety of product applications. Rate controls are typically used to control pneumatic cylinders, linear slides, lids, and other moving mechanisms. The advantages of using rate controls include:

... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Wire Rope Isolator Vibration Isolation Technology

Enidines Wire Rope Isolators are comprised of stainless steel stranded cable, threaded through aluminum alloy retaining bars, crimped and mounted for effective vibration isolation. (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Adjustable Series Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

Enidine Adjustable Hydraulic Series shock absorbers offer the most flexible solutions to energy absorption application requirements when input parameters vary or are not clearly defined. By simply turning an adjustment knob, the damping force can be changed to accommodate a wide range of conditions.

Enidine offers the broadest range of adjustable shock absorbers and mounting acces... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Air Springs

Enidine Air Springs are highly durable, precisely engineered and cost-effective for use in a wide variety of actuation and vibration isolation applications. With time-tested designs incorporating fabric-reinforced Wingprene™ or natural rubber flex-member construction and corrosion-protected end retainers, Enidine Air Springs provide superior quality and performance. As... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Non-Adjustable Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

Enidine non-adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers can accommodate varying energy conditions. This family of tamperproof shock absorbers provides consistent performance, cycle after cycle. Non-adjustable models are designed to absorb maximum energy within a compact envelope size.
The PM Series shock absorber uses a self-compensating design to provide energy absorption in low veloci... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Shock Absorbers and Rate Controls by Enidine

Enidine provides quality energy absorption and vibration isolation products and services to a variety of heavy industries throughout the globe. These industries include; steel and aluminum rolling mills, manufacturers of mill equipment, gantry cranes, ship to shore cranes, overhead bridge crane manufacturers and automated stacker cranes. (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Heavy Industry (HI Series) Buffers

Enidine's Heavy Industry (HI Series) Shock Absorbers safely protect heavy machinery, cranes and equipment during the transfer of materials and movement of products.
The large-bore, high-capacity buffers are individually designed to decelerate moving loads under various conditions and in compliance with industry-mandated safety standards. Control of bridge cranes, trolley p... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Compact Vibration Isolation Products

Use Enidine's Compact Wire Rope Isolators for the best performance in vibration isolation. The compact design is smaller than most wire ropes and can provide both shock and vibration absorption even in situations where package space and sway are an issue.
Enidine's Compact Wire Rope Isolator is made of all-metal, which gives the best multi-axis shock and vibration... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Standard and Custom Energy Absorption Solutions

With the newest innovations in energy absorption technology, Enidine offers the widest selection of Industrial Shock Absorbers in the world. Protecting industrial machinery from potential damage and workers from personal injury, Enidine shock absorbers allow machines to operate faster while throughput and efficiency is improved. (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Enidine HD/HDN Series Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers

Enidine's HD/HDN Series of heavy duty shock absorbers protect equipment from large impacts in applications such as automated storage and retrieval systems as well as overhead bridge and trolley cranes. They are available in a wide variety of stroke lengths and damping characteristics to increase equipment life and meet stringent deceleration requirements.

Utilizing a special compa... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Shock Absorber Solution Saves Time and Money

A Glass bottle manufacturing customer saves time and money with a customized shock absorber solution from ITT Enidine. (read more)

Enidine Inc. - PET Bottling Solution; on-piece stretch-rod shock

PET plastic bottling industry OEMs requiring longer life shocks for maintaining equipment up-time. (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Energy Absorption Products for Automotive

Enidine has provided automotive manufacturers with several key energy absorption products to help maintain plant operations throughout the industry.
Most automotive manufactures require smooth operation of power and free conveying systems during engagement and disengagement of the carriage tow bars. Smoother movement of the carriages reduces damage to the conveyor and the autom... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Turnstile Shock Absorber Applications

Pedestrian turnstile manufacturers utilize customized Enidine shock absorbers to dampen the rotational movement while operating in harsh, high cycle rate environments. Our shock absorbers provide smooth and consistent damping to prevent the bars of the turnstile from swinging too quickly or banging at the end of the rotation. Enidine small bore and mid-bore series shock absorbers are des... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Flexible Solution to Energy Absorption

Enidine Adjustable Hydraulic Series shock absorbers offer the most flexible solutions to energy absorption application requirements when input parameters vary or are not clearly defined. By simply turning an adjustment knob, the damping force can be changed to accommodate a wide range of conditions. (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Deceleration Devices by ITT Enidine

The DA Series Rate Controls by Enidine are ideally suited for high-energy, heavy load applications requiring rate control in tension, compression or both directions. These non-adjustable, custom-orificed units are designed to specific input conditions, and allow for single and multiple orifice configurations.
Upon compression of the rate control, the compression check ball... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Hydraulic Tow Bar Snubbers

Enidine Hydraulic Tow Bar Snubbers provide features and benefits to extend the service life of inverted/overhead power and free conveyors by reducing the transmitted shock force encountered in the every day operation of the production line.

Hydraulic Tow Bar Snubbers manage the acceleration and deceleration (start/stop) of material handling systems by minimizing the shock... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Short Stroke Dampers

Critical Solutions Provider for Infrastructure Applications. At ITT Enidine protecting your valuable assets from seismic activity is our highest priority. Our extensive product offerings in seismic and infrastructure protection are engineered to give you the most complete solution on the market today. (read more)

Enidine Inc. - WEARâ„¢ Wire Energy Absorbing Rope Pipe Restraints

WEAR™ (Wire Energy Absorbing Rope) pipe restraints are uniquely packaged wire rope isolators designed to protect structures from steady state vibration and isolate them from seismic and dynamic loads. These new generation energy absorbing restraints feature simple construction. There are no oils, seals or complex moving parts required to perform their function. The design has elimi... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - ITT Enidine Industrial Products

Enidine Industrial Products offer the widest range of standard and custom energy absorption, vibration isolation and noise attenuation solutions available today. Products ranging from large bore industrial shock absorbers to miniature industrial shock absorbers, adjustable and non-adjustable industrial shock absorbers, rate controls, wire rope isolators, and air springs (air shock absorb... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Visco-Elastic Support (VES) product line

Enidine has developed the new Visco-Elastic Support (VES) product line to provide improved dynamic behavior of the rotor-bearing system and thermal force reduction to bearing support structures.

The working principle of VES is by providing high dynamic stiffness, adding supplementary damping to the rotor-bearing system, low static stiffness for thermal movement.

This re... (read more)

Enidine Inc. - Large Bore Shock Absorbers for Automotive Mfg

Enidine Adjustable Hydraulic Series shock absorbers offer the most flexible solutions to energy absorption application requirements when input parameters vary or are not clearly defined. By simply turning an adjustment knob, the damping force can be changed to accommodate a wide range of conditions. (read more)