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Hartford Technologies, Inc. - Tungsten Carbide Balls



High hardness and dimensional stability make tungsten carbide balls the preferred choice for precision hydraulic valves, high-load bearings, inertial navigation systems, ball screws, linear bearings in slideways, gauging and checking instruments, and meters. Tungsten carbide balls are also used for ballizing, to work harden,... (read more)

Hartford Technologies, Inc. - Carbon Steel Balls

Hartford Technologies offers economical carbon steel balls, case-hardened to Rockwell C 60 minimum and available in ABMA grades 100 through 1000, providing reliable performance for various applications including anti-friction bearings, steering columns, casters, roller skates, toys, and drawer slides. (read more)

Hartford Technologies, Inc. - Custom Bearing Assemblies

Hartford Technologies is a leading manufacturer of custom bearing assemblies.

We specialize in the development of engineered bearings and custom bearing assemblies. Advanced materials expertise, design capabilities, and quality processes enable our team to produce engineered bearings that perform at high temperatures, speeds, and loads, as well as in less challenging environments.

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Hartford Technologies, Inc. - Dowel Pins

Hartford Technologies provides custom dowel pins in a variety of sizes and materials, designed to fit unique customer requirements for various industries. (read more)

Hartford Technologies, Inc. - Detent Pins

Hartford Technologies, Inc. offers a range of detent pins in various sizes and materials, along with services for custom bearing assemblies, precision balls, and other components, serving multiple industries. (read more)

Hartford Technologies, Inc. - Stainless Steel Balls: AISI 420

Explore AISI 420 stainless steel balls at Hartford Technologies, renowned for their superior hardness, wear resistance, and corrosion resilience suitable for diverse applications. (read more)

Hartford Technologies, Inc. - Stainless Steel Balls: AISI 316

Learn more about our AISI 316 stainless steel balls, from exceptional corrosion resistance, versatility in applications, and FDA-approved medical-grade materials. (read more)

Hartford Technologies, Inc. - Stainless Steel Balls: AISI 304/302 (18-8)

Explore AISI 304/302 stainless steel balls (Type 18-8) with exceptional corrosion resistance and versatile applications, from couplings to valves, available in various sizes from 1.5mm to 50.8mm. (read more)

Hartford Technologies, Inc. - Benefits of High-Performance Automotive Bearings

Bearings enable smooth, low friction motion. In a perfect world they'd all be super light, extremely compact, maintenance-free, quiet and durable. In other words, perfectly optimized for automotive applications. Unfortunately the world isn't perfect, but high performance bearings can come close. Here's some guidance on their use for those in automotive manufacturing. (read more)

Hartford Technologies, Inc. - Medical Grade Balls- What to look for

Medical grade balls have a variety of medical applications. This includes surgical instruments, drug delivery systems, and implantable devices.

These balls must meet stringent quality standards. After all, they must ensure patient safety and regulatory compliance. That’s why it's important to choose a reliable and reputable manufacturer. (read more)

Hartford Technologies, Inc. - Custom Precision Pins

Hartford Technologies is a leading manufacturer specializing in custom precision pins. (read more)

Hartford Technologies, Inc. - Chrome Steel Balls


  • Tumbling media
  • Spray can agitation
  • Ball bearings
  • Drawer slides
  • Writing instruments
  • Locking mechanisms
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Hartford Technologies, Inc. - Stainless Steel 440C Balls

440C stainless steel balls generally have excellent resistance to mild acids, alkalis, foods, fresh water and air. (read more)

Hartford Technologies, Inc. - Needle Bearing Retainers

Hartford Technologies has been a preferred supplier of needle bearing retainers to leading OEMs and Tier 1s, for both standard and custom products. (read more)

Hartford Technologies, Inc. - Brass Balls

Brass balls are used in electrical devices, petrochemical industry operations, and consumer products such as appliances.  (read more)