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Hilliard Corporation (The) - Simplex & Duplex Liquid Strainers

HILCO offers a wide variety of standard liquid strainer products as well as custom engineered configurations for your individual application. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization with a fully accredited weld shop which gives us the ability to manufacture and test a wide variety of filter arrangement (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - HILCO Lab Services for Industrial Filtration

HILCO Laboratory Services provide a full suite of rigorous world-class test capabilities to support industrial filtration and fluids analysis. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Six Port Transfer Valves

HILCO Transfer Valves are available in three configurations: three-way, six-port (same side and opposite side), and split three-way. Spring and pressure loaded pad design instead of plug-provides positive sealing to minimize leakage. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Ceramic Membrane Filter System

The Ceramic Membrane Filtration System utilizes high-velocity fluid "crossflow" across the face of the membrane. The oil-free water passes through the ceramic membrane while the oily waste is concentrated in a process reservoir. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Intermittent Drive Units (IDU)

The Hilliard Corporation's Intermittent Drive Units (IDU) are packaged mechanical assemblies that produce precise intermittent motion-on-demand from a constantly rotating input. Intermittent Drive Units feature a self-contained lubrication system, making them ideal for dusty, dirty, steamed or washed-down applications. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Machine Tool Coolant Recyclers

The Machine Tool Coolant Recyler quickly and efficiently removes tramp oil and metal fines and other particulate matter and restores coolant to like-new condition. This portable unit cleans both water-based and synthetic machine tool coolants. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Fluid Analysis Testing Services

Hilliard's fluid sample analysis tests are used to evaluate a fluids condition, the types and quantity of the contaminants and the physical properties of the fluid. Knowing the fluids application, contaminants and levels along with the fluids physical properties then a corrective action can be taken to restore the fluid to like new condition. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Electric Starters and Starter Clutch Drives

The Hilliard Corporation is a producer of Starter Clutch Drives, Electric Starter Assemblies, Hydraulic Starter Assemblies and Pneumatic Starters for use in aero derivative industrial turbine and reciprocating engine applications. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Spring Applied Electric Released Brakes

Hilliard Electric Brakes provide positive stopping and reliable holding of rotating devices on demand-every time. Spring engaged when current is interrupted and electromagnetically relased when voltage is applied. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Caliper Brakes

Hilliard caliper brakes offer an arm style caliper designed to accept a large selection of Hilliard thrusters: pneumatic applied, spring applied or hydraulic applied brake control systems are suitable for a broad line of heavy duty industrial applications. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - PTO Hand Disconnect Clutch

The Hilliard PTO Clutch can be used for most start and stop applications that require positive engagement/disengagement and overload protection. With full control of clutch engagement, the PTO Clutch has adjustable torque setting and a bearing engagement collar. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Torque Limiting Clutches

Torque limiters and couplings are designed to slip during a torque overload, while still transmitting the adjusted torque. They provide dependable solutions to the problems of torque control and overload protection in power transmission equipment. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Overrunning Clutches

Hilliard Overrunning clutches are used to transmit power between a shaft and a gear, sprocket, sheave, or pulley mounted on the clutch or to directly connect two shaft ends. The roller type clutch construction is one of the oldest over-running or free wheeling designs. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Oil Mist Eliminators

The HILCO® Oil Mist Eliminator is the answer to economically reclaiming the oily vapor found in the air stream of vents of lubricating oil systems on large, high-speed rotating equipment. These include gas turbines, steam turbines, turbo compressors, reciprocating engines and gearboxes. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Filter Cartridge Testing

The HILCO lab performs a vast array of tests that include analyzing industrial fluids, filter cartridge and filtration equipment component's, filter cartridge and filtration equipment performance. The testing performed is used in product development, evaluating potential customer problems/needs and competitor performance. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Hi-flo™ Oil Filter

HILCO's Hil-Flo 01HMF-0150 Series filter vessels permit full-flow or off-line filtration of fluids at working pressures to 100 PSI and flow rates to 25 GPM. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Star Bench Top Plate and Frame Filter

This filter boasts many features including a filter area of 43.29 in2 and a sludge capacity of 13.53 in3, #316 stainless steel construction, and manual bypass loop arrangement. Other details include precision-machined plates, frames, and heads. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Intermittent Drive Assembly

This easy-to-install, self-contained package includes a solenoid-operated, single revolution clutch with anti-rollback and anti-overrun features. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - HILCO®TurboFlo Duplex Filters

Hilco has used its strengths in manufacturing filter housings, cartridges and full-flow transfer valves to provide smaller, cost effective packages for flows to 450 gpm. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Magna Torque

MT Overrunning Clutches combine high torque, high speed capabilities, easy field repair and low cost -- all in a compact size. With most overrunning clutches, shaft size is a major consideration. Wedge Ramp technology allows for greater bore sizes than comparable size clutches offered by other clutch manufacturers. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Twiflex Caliper Disc Brakes

The Hilliard Corporation is the exclusive distributor for Twiflex in the United States. Twiflex Limited, founded in 1946, headquartered in Twickenham England, specializes in the design and manufacture of caliper disc brakes that are renowned for quality and precision worldwide. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - HILCO® Filter Housings

HILCO has a consistent reputation for constructing rugged, durable filter housings. A wide variety of models are available, most of carbon steel construction, with some available in 316 stainless steel. Whatever a customer's needs, Hilliard can fit the bill with a stock filter housing, or custom design. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Linkless Centrifugal Clutches

The Hilliard Linkless Centrifugal is unique within its design.

The combination of a dowel pin system and the symmetrical spring design allow for a long life and an economical solution to meet your power transmission needs. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Automatic Bi-Directional 4WD Drive System

For turf and lawn & garden equipment, Hilliard's Automatic Bi-Directional 4WD On Demand Drive System can mount anywhere on your drive train. Ideal for both new designs and retrofits. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Hilco Quench Oil Reconditioning System

Restore contaminated fluids to like-new condition: simply, efficiently, economically with the Quench Oil Reconditioning System. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - HILCOSEP™ Coalescer Separator

Compactly designed to operate continuously and efficiently, HILCOSEP™ extends turbine oil life, reduces maintenance and increases bearing life. The HILCOSEP™ removes moisture and particulate contamination from Turbine Lube Oil. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Wide Range of Large Engine Starters

Hilliard makes a wide range of pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic starters for large-engine starting. Every model is carefully designed and installed to meet a specific type of application. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Portable Filters

HILCO Portable Filters offer reliable, convenient-to-use, off-line filtration that permit industrial fluid reuse and help keep equipment clean. Filters are ideal for reservoirs and batch filtration of fluids where one mobile filter can serve many work stations. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Overrunning Clutches

Hilliard Overrunning clutches are used to transmit power between a shaft and a gear, sprocket, sheave, or pulley mounted on the clutch or to directly connect two shaft ends. The roller type clutch construction is one of the oldest over-running or free wheeling designs. (read more)

Hilliard Corporation (The) - Extreme Duty Centrifugal Clutches

Hilliard's newest Centrifugal Clutch has been engineered to provide long service life, even in the most demanding applications. (read more)

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New environmental regulations will require that stationary engines used for on-site power production capture the oil mist that is generated by the crankcase of the reciprocating equipment.


Static discharge is a common problem in the lubricating oil systems of today’s turbo-machinery. Type II lubricant base stocks exhibit very low fluid conductivity.