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Knowles Precision Devices - Metal Frame J-Lead Termina

Leaded standoff components qualified to AEC-Q200 standards. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - Boom Mics for Critical Communications

Knowles' portfolio of specialty boom microphones
enable clear communication under the most demanding
conditions and requirements. The combination of
industry-best microphone elements and close proximity
to the mouth provides excellent intelligibility even in
extremely noisy conditions. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - V2S200D: Digital Voice Vibration Sensor

V2S200D is a first-of-its-kind, high bandwidth, low-power specialized digital voice vibration sensor to improve voice call quality in noisy environments. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - SiSonic™ MEMS microphones

Trio of SiSonic™ MEMS microphones for High Performance Ear & Wearable Products (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - High Q Capacitors

High-Q and ultra low ESR MLCCs for when electronic systems downsize and power usage becomes more critical. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - KN2: TWS Reference Design

KN2 is the first TWS reference design tuned to the Knowles Preferred Listening Response Curve for the best music listening experience. KN2 features a state-of-art hybrid driver paired with an advanced Bluetooth system-on-chip (SoC) to deliver superior HD audio and active noise cancellation (ANC) performance along with other advanced features. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - Non-Magnetic, High Power RF Capacitors & Trimmers

Precision multi-turn trimmer capacitors, fixed and variable inductors, multi-layer capacitors and hardware for applications requiring non-magnetic high performance components. Our expertise in non-magnetic and low magnetic design allows us to support applications ranging from MRI and NMR to base station antenna systems designed with low PIM in mind. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - RF Filters for Space Applications

Space applications demand products of high quality, with appropriate additional testing to ensure long-term reliability. Our world-class engineering team understands the challenges of developing components optimized for space, including meeting ever evolving SWaP (size, weight and power) requirements and rigorous testing standards. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - Solving Tough, Technical Medical Device Challenges

At Knowles Precision Devices, we thrive on working with companies who want to take technically challenging ideas and work through the details to figure out how to turn their seemingly impossible ideas into reality. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - Supporting EV Battery Innovation w/ AEC-Q200 MLCCs

To meet consumer demand for longer driving ranges and faster charging, electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are redesigning vehicles to move from 400V to 800V battery systems. As a result of using higher operating voltages, EV designers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need components, such as multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), that can withstand voltages well beyond those... (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - Non-Magnetic Variable Inductors

Low height, non-magnetic variable inductors for applications that require non-magnetic, high performance components. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - Trimmer Capacitor Considerations in Practice

Trimmer capacitors are variable components used to calibrate RF circuits during manufacturing or servicing. These components allow for variable tuning--think oscillator frequency values or rise and fall times. Should values drift over the life of the device, trimmer capacitors can be recalibrated as needed. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - Non-Magnetic Components for Medical Imaging

Healthcare professionals and patients rely on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology to examine soft tissues and organs in the body to detect a variety of issues, from degenerative diseases to tumors, in a non-invasive manner. To do this, the MRI machine uses a strong magnetic field and computer-generated radio waves to produce cross-sectional images. Thus, the quality of the MRI de... (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - The Future of SatCom Design: RF Technology Trends

Over the last four decades, the number of devices that need to maintain mission-critical satellite communications (satcom) has rapidly grown. At the same time, the information transmitted on these devices has become increasingly more complex. As a result, the RF circuit building blocks that make up satcom technology have been through many changes to accommodate the latest advancements in... (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - How We’re Supporting Medical Advancement

At Knowles Precision Devices (KPD), we handle the specialty components that go in the systems that can’t quit. We have the extensive resources and subject matter knowledge to innovate around the technical and environmental challenges facing high-impact industries including military, aerospace, and beyond. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - SV Series Capacitor Assemblies

In general, a capacitor assembly attaches multiple capacitors together into a single subassembly. This approach results in increased electrical performance such as higher voltages, higher capacitance, or higher power, while also simplifying manufacturing assembly and providing a significant reduction in board space needed.

At Knowles Precision Devices, we have a heritage of design... (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - Addressing Common mmWave RF Filtering Challenges

As radio architectures evolve, the need for filters is also evolving. At the same time, the industry is working to miniaturize mmWave devices while continually minimizing costs. This means RF designers need filter solutions that offer a smaller footprint while keeping prices manageable.

This is not an easy task. Filtering at mmWave frequencies can be much more difficult as there a... (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - Film Capacitors or MLCCs - Considerations

Today, the design and development of many applications, such as power electronics in electric vehicles (EVs), is driven largely by concerns about size and weight. This means the film capacitors traditionally used by electronics engineers aren’t always the best option. Instead, multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) are emerging as an excellent alternative to film capacitors. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - Surface Mount High-Pass Filter

High pass filters from Knowles Precision Devices incorporate DLI’s high dielectric ceramic materials which provide small size and minimal performance variation over temperature. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - SFAA Range Panel Mount EMI Filters

Knowles Precision Devices' excellence in ceramic materials technology, combined with EMI filter expertise, has enabled us to offer an unrivaled range of EMI filter products including SFAA threaded resin filled, ceramic threaded panel mount EMI Filters. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - Bandpass Filters Designed For 5G

Knowles Precision Devices DLI brand bandpass filters offer classical filter topologies yielding excellent performance in a small footprint. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - High Q, Ultra-Low ESR, X8G Dielectric Capacitors for Automotive Applications

Knowles Precision Devices offers a High Q, Ultra-low ESR, X8G dielectric, tested and approved to automotive specification AEC-Q200. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - Medical Grade Capacitors - MD Series

The MD Series is a range of medical-grade capacitors for implantable designs. The MD Series encompasses C0G, X7R and X5R MLCC components that are up-screened using two long-standing military-grade reliability specifications (MIL-SPECS), MIL-PRF-55681 (Group A) and MIL-PRF-123 (Group A). (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - Enhanced Safety Certified Surface Mount MLCCs

Tested to meet international safety standards, our Enhanced Safety Certified Surface Mount MLCCs offer the benefits of a lower profile and less board space. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - StackiCap™ MLCC

Patented MLC capacitors with extended capacitance and voltage ranges offering size and component count reduction. Selected ranges available as AEC-Q200 qualified. (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - Hiteca High-Capacitance MLCC for Power Electronics

Many power electronics today are being designed for use in high-temperature, high-voltage environments, such as inside electric vehicles (EVs). However, size, weight, and power (SWaP) are also key factors driving electronic product development. These conflicting design criteria are an issue for many electrical engineers because space is not available to simply add a cooling system, as th... (read more)

Knowles Precision Devices - A Custom Approach to Large Capacitor Assembly

We custom build large capacitor assemblies that utilize the vertical space above the circuit board, offering very high capacitance and very high voltage in a smaller area.

  • High capacitance (nF to μF)
  • High voltage (approved 500V to 5kV)
  • Ultra-stable, low-loss dielectric,
  • Extremely resilient against vibration and temperature vari...
(read more)