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MarShield has promoted these products / services:

MarShield -  Nuclear Radiation Shielding Solutions

At MarShield, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of custom radiation shielding solutions for the nuclear energy industry. Our commitment to safety, precision, and innovation drives us to offer a wide range of products and materials specifically designed for nuclear radiation protection. (read more)

MarShield - Creating a Safe Nuclear Medicine Lab

In the rapidly evolving world of nuclear medicine, ensuring the safety of healthcare professionals is paramount. Those who work with radiopharmaceuticals require the highest quality shielding protection
to minimize exposure to harmful radiation. (read more)

MarShield - MarShield’s Custom NDT Shielding Rooms Process

In industries like aerospace, automotive, architecture, power, and oil and gas, the use of industrial X-ray systems is crucial. The X-rays emitted by these systems can be harmful to both sensitive components and the equipment operator. MarShield’s custom modular Industrial X-ray or NDT radiation shielding rooms are an essential solution for protecting sensitive components... (read more)

MarShield - Importance and Application of Lead-Lined Drywall

As a leading provider of radiation shielding solutions, we’re committed to delivering products that meet the highest standards of safety and quality. One of the radiation shielding products we provide is lead-lined drywall. Keep reading to explore what it is, why it’s used, and the unique features that make it an essential component in radiation protection. (read more)

MarShield -  MarShield’s Guide to Lead Lined

MarShield manufactures a wide range of Standard or Custom Designed Lead Lined Cabinets for use in a variety of purposes, including nuclear medicine and nuclear storage. (read more)

MarShield - MarShield Custom Lead Lined Doors & Frames

MarShield offers a premium line of customizable, lead lined, metal and wood veneer doors and hollow metal frames. These lead lined doors and frames are a crucial nuclear medicine solution for protecting employees and patients from dangerous radiation emissions from therapy rooms, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Cardiac Care Unit (CCU), and x-ray rooms. (read more)

MarShield - The Benefits of Mobile Rolling Barriers

Our high-quality mobile barriers are made with durable, shatter-resistant lead glass or lead acrylic viewing panels for an “open concept” environment and transparency while simultaneously reducing harmful radiation. Our mobile rolling barriers come in multiple variations with customizable options including the option for solid opaque panels or full-length lead glass viewing p... (read more)

MarShield - Common Sheet Lead Questions

Sheet lead is a common, quick and cost-effective method to efficiently shield radiation in dental offices, vet clinics, health clinics, hospitals and other areas. Many customers have questions about sheet lead orders and clarifications about what we offer. (read more)

MarShield - Tungsten Radiation Shielding

MarShield Radiation Shielding are experts in the in the customization of tungsten heavy alloy for the Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Medicine / Radioisotope, diagnostic imaging, and non-destructive testing industries. (read more)

MarShield - CSA N299.3-16 Accreditation

MarShield Radiation Shielding, a supplier of radiation shielding and protection products and materials to the nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, healthcare and non-destructive testing industries, is pleased to announce their CWB accreditation to CSA N299.3-16 for the supply of items and services to nuclear power plants. (read more)

MarShield -  MarShield Provides Highest-Quality Lead Glass

MarShield provides the highest-quality lead glass for the medical, industrial, and nuclear industries. (read more)

MarShield - Mobile Hi-Impact Shielding Barrier

MarShield, an industry leader in product innovation was contacted by a USA-based energy company to develop a high-impact resistant see-through mobile barrier. (read more)

MarShield - Non-Lead Alternatives for Radiation Shielding

There has been a significant advancement in the development of non-lead shielding material for the radiation shielding industry. (read more)

MarShield - Reduce Radiation Exposure with Tungsten Shielding

Several applications require shielding from radiation where lead is not a feasible material. Tungsten heavy alloy provides an alternative to lead that is strong and highly customizable into precision components. (read more)

MarShield - Lead Glass Shielding

MarShield’s lead glass has been designed to provide a high-quality, transparent, protective shield against x-ray radiation. Extensive research and development have been done for you to trust its comprehensive protection in any medical or technical research application. (read more)

MarShield - Lead Lined Cabinets for Nuclear Medicine

MarShield manufactures a wide range of Standard or Custom Designed Lead Lined Cabinets suitable for Nuclear Medicine or Radiochemistry laboratories. (read more)

MarShield - Tungsten Vial & Syringe Shields

MarShield Tungsten Syringe Shields are all designed to reduce hand exposure in clinicians preparing and administering radiopharmaceuticals. Our tungsten shields are lightweight, sleek in design and easy to use. (read more)

MarShield - Lead Brick Shielding

Lead bricks are ideal for adding additional shielding to existing rooms and can be used in new construction as a method to reduce wall or ceiling thickness to achieve space savings. Cast from 99.94% minimum pure virgin high quality lead (read more)

MarShield - Non-Lead Radiation Shielding

Confidence in the safety of your workplace should not be a luxury. With Nanotek™ technology, we offer a safer, more environmentally friendly, lead-free solution to traditionally lead-based radiation shielding products. It’s lightweight. Flexible and can be used in construction and incorporated into many of MarShield’s products. And it’s the future, now. (read more)

MarShield - Non-lead alternatives in shielding

The development of non-lead shielding materials is an area that material sciences is advancing in the field of radiation shielding. Lead remains the most commonly used material for radiation shielding because of the ease to be able to work with it, the price, and most prominently its ability to reduce gamma radiation. (read more)

MarShield - CWB Accreditation to Serve Nuclear Power Plants

MarShield Radiation Shielding, a supplier of radiation shielding and protection products and materials to the nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, healthcare and non-destructive testing industries, is pleased to announce their CWB accreditation to CSA N299.3-16 for the supply of items and services to nuclear power plants. (read more)

MarShield - Leaded Acrylic for X-Ray Shielding

MarShield’s Leaded Acrylic / Plastic is the shatter-resistant, versatile answer to all of your x-ray shielding needs! Our Lead acrylic is not lead glass. It’s a unique, versatile, transparent plastic that contains 30% lead by weight. It combines superb light transmission with effective radiation protection. (read more)

MarShield - Safer Radiation Shielding with Nanotek™ Technology

MarShield’s Nanotek™ technology offers safer, environmentally friendly, and lead-free radiation shielding products that are customizable, lightweight and easy to install. (read more)

MarShield - Over 70 Tons of Sheet Lead in Stock/Ready to Ship!

Sheet lead for Radiation Protection in laboratories, clinics, dental and medical application can be a challenge. Many contractors and architects face challenges due to space criteria and the weight of the shielding requirements. We provide sheet lead in 12 different sizes and thicknesses from 1/32nd to 1/4" for all shielding requirements. Over 70 tons in stock and ready to ship! (read more)

MarShield - Boron Filled Polyethylene Neutron Shielding

Plasti-Shield® Boron Filled Polyethylene Neutron Shielding, supplied by MarShield, is a lightweight, cost-effective neutron shielding solution to attenuate and absorb neutron radiation. (read more)

MarShield - OPG Announces New Mini Reactor In Ontario

Ontario Power Generation has recently announced the launch of a new mini reactor in Darlington, Ontario. This innovative new reactor is Canada’s first small modular reactor that will be funded in part by The Canada Infrastructure Bank. This project will be essential for reaching Canada’s greenhouse gas reduction goal and net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. (read more)

MarShield -  Gamma Ray Attenuation Properties of Materials

Shielding for Radiation comes in many available products and design characteristics, some being more effective than others. Radiation Shielding and Protection is a very serious subject. What follows is just a basic overview of what’s available along with the variation of protection. (read more)

MarShield - The MarShield Specifiers & Architects Resource Hub

Marshield is one of the best choices for your custom radiation shielding solutions. We provide radiation shielding design and consultation services to assist you in developing a custom solution that fits your needs. We also have a Specifiers & Architects Resource Hub with information for specifiers, architects, and engineers on products, specs, CAD drawings, and many other resources. (read more)

MarShield - Tungsten Shielding Plates for CT Scanner Project

MarShield has been working to create custom pin hole plates for a CT scanner for the Department of Radiology of University of Chicago Urbana Campaign and University of Pennsylvania. (read more)

MarShield - Designing and Manufacturing Lead Lined Cabinets

MarShield developed and manufactured lead-lined cabinets for an engineering and environmental consulting firm to store nuclear gauges. (read more)

MarShield - Reducing Workers Exposure to Radiation by 50%

MarShield provided 20 Mobile Lead Lined Radiation Barriers to an energy company in North America that reduced workers exposure rates by 50%. (read more)

MarShield - Designing & Manufacturing Custom Lead Cabinet

MarShield was approached by a Senior Nuclear Medicine Technologist/Radiation Safety Officer & Stress Lab Manager from Western Canada’s premier cardiology clinics to design and manufacture a custom cabinet with a vertical storage location for flood sources and phantoms. (read more)

MarShield - Modular Radiation Shielding Barrier Installation

The solution required MarShield to design and manufacture a modular radiation shielding barrier in the nuclear medicine room between the operators and the Spect camera. (read more)

MarShield -  Case Study: X-Ray Shielding

MarShield designed and manufactured a Lead Lined Mobile Shielding Barrier for the Conservation Lab at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. (read more)

MarShield - Ensuring Nuclear Safety with High Quality

MarShield currently has a certified N299.3 2016 quality program, with a quality manual, which they use to control their, industry-approved, proprietary, nuclear pouring procedures and the requirements of the customer’s purchase order. (read more)

MarShield - Lead Brick Shielding Solutions

MarShield manufactures lead bricks that are cast from 99.5% Minimum Pure Lead and are ideal for applications where maximum protection is required from X-Ray and Gamma Ray Radiation. (read more)

MarShield - Radiation Shielding Solutions for Nuclear Medicine

With the increase and widespread use of nuclear medicine, the demand for shielding increases as well. There are many shielding products geared towards the nuclear medicine industry. (read more)