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RS Components, Ltd. - MAXIM Ventilator solutions page

Ventilator Designs from Maxim (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - TE Connectivity’s Sensor solutions

TE Connectivity’s sensor solutions meet your industrial needs (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Industrial Sensing Solutions

Industrial Sensing Solutions (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - OR Flash for Code Storage

Cypress offers the industry’s highest performance, most secure, low-pin-count Serial NOR Flash Memory (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - New Hybrid Electrolytic ZKU Capacitors

New Hybrid Electrolytic ZKU Capacitors (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Renesas RL78/G14 Fast Prototyping Board

The RL78/G14 Fast Prototyping board is equipped with a high-performance RL78/G14 MCU specialised for prototype development. The built in emulator circuit is equivalent to an E2 emulator Lite so you can write/debug without additional tools. Also included are Arduino Uno and Pmod interfaces for high scalability. Easily add Bluetooth Low Energy wireless functionality by combining with the o... (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - WIN An Engineer Bundle Worth Over $2,500

From 1st December until 24th December 2019, we will once again be providing you with daily opportunities to win prizes courtesy of RS Components and our partners including STMicroelectronics, Raspberry Pi, Molex, Cypress Semiconductor, Renesas, OKdo and Fitbit via our Twitter account (@DesignSparkRS) at (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - TBA 1/2 Series DC-DC Converters

New cost optimized 1 & 2 Watt DC/DC converters (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Traco Power TRI Series DC-DC Converters

high isolation, regulated DC/DC converter series (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Datamate J-Tek

2.00mm Pitch Connectors for High Reliability Applications (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - New AVX Supercapacitors

New AVX Supercapacitors (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - K4 Drives System Development Kits

Ebm-papst presents a full selection of K4 drives system development kits and brushless EC motors. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - HARTING rapid termination devices in stock at RS

HARTING has expanded its popular Han E series with the new Han ES Press series which features multifunctional connectors using plug-in jumper technology to achieve rapid termination without the need for tools.

The new press series saves a significant amount of time during the assembly process and also offers better process reliability. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Vishay 259 PMH-SI Series

Vishay Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors provide a smaller capacitor option when high power ratings and high capacitance values are needed. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - SDB Series Low Profile DIP Switches

Low-profile, compact and reliable switches for all your safety and security designs (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Han-Eco® B High Performance Plastic Connectors

The Han-Eco® B is a new series within the Harting Eco product family of high performance plastic connectors, which almost carries no weight and corrosion resistant. This new series is the plastic equivalent of the standard Han® B metal housing and are fully intermateable. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - World's Smallest Certified 8W DC/DC Converter

The World's smallest certified 6 Watt SIP8 DC/DC converter for railway applications

• Ultra wide 4:1 Input: 9-36, 18-75, 43-160 VDC

• Miniaturized to the maximum

• EN 50155 railway approval

• I/O-isolation 3'000 VDC

• High efficiency for low thermal loss (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - BMS Signal Transformers

Everything you need to know

Battery Management Systems (BMS) connect to high-energy battery packs and manage the charging, discharging of the pack, as well as monitoring essential safety factors including temperature, state of charge and the state of health of the pack. Providing additional application protection... (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - ON Semi Solutions for Energy Infrastructure

Energy generation, distribution, and storage are quickly expanding markets due to increasing demand and the need to meet targets set by government policy. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Putting Security Back into IoT Development

Microchip’s MicroAVR-IoT WG Development Board

Whilst many manufacturers continue to focus on developing Wi-Fi SoCs and microcontrollers that speed up time to market, new IoT-enabled designs can be put at risk of hacking when adequate security measures are not in place. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - RSL10: Ultra-Low-Power Bluetooth

For IoT edge-node devices or “connected” health and wellness applications, designers must consider at least the following parameters when comparing system power consumption levels between Bluetooth low energy radio SoCs - power conversion and duty cycling, read on to find out more. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - The PSoC® 4 MCU: Your Problem Solver On Chip

A low-power portfolio of 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0/M0+ MCUs that enable functions such as analog sensor integration, capacitive touch, and wireless connectivity.

Achieve ultimate flexibility in your design with Cypress’ software-defined peripherals embedded in the PSoC 4 architecture. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Modular IoT Development Kit (IDK)

Discover the development boards that make up ON Semiconductor’s modular IoT Development Kit. Based on the sophisticated NCS36510 system-on-chip (SoC) with a 32-bit ARM® Cortex® M3 processor core, the IDK has all the necessary hardware resources for constructing IoT systems. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - RS Pro Embedded Switch Mode Power Supplies

Select from a full range of enclosed and open frame chassis mount power supplies in industry standard packages and a wide selection of power outputs. This great value range also offers miniature size for convenient placement in a full range of end devices, high power efficiency and a long working life. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Microchip MPLAB® ICD 4 in-circuit debugger kit with faster processor and increased RAM

Next-generation debugger kit from Microchip provides higher speed capability and improved debugging flexibility

The MPLAB ICD 4 is an In-Circuit programming and Debugging (ICD) development tool for PIC® microcontrollers, including the latest PIC32C MCUs, and Microchip’s portfolio of dsPIC® digital signal controllers,... (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Molex USB-C cables and connectors from RS

Make sure your designs are bang up to date with USB Type-C connectors and cables, compatible with the latest USB 3.1 protocol.

RS has added Molex’s USB-C cable assemblies and connectors to its rapidly expanding range of USB-C solutions for the latest electronics applications. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - On Semi - Convenience and Simplicity

ON Semiconductor’s USB Type-C Portfolio sets the convenience and simplicity standard for users, designers, and manufacturers.

The portfolio is optimized for high power density, small footprint and low-power use with a complete collection of flexible USB Type-C solutions. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - PSoC 4 CapSense Prototyping Development Kit

The face of industrial and commercial design has changed completely with the introduction of capacitive touch sensing. Products such as PCs, mobile phones, automotive displays, white goods and consumer electronics are unrecognisable from products designed a little more than a decade ago. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Phoenix Contact Skedd Connectors

Lower your connection costs with Phoenix Contact SKEDD Connectors.

Simplify wire to PCB connection and reduce your component count. New SKEDD one-piece PCB connector technology makes direct-to board connection a simple, reliable reality.

They push in and lock directly to the PCB via through-contacted bore holes. The need for a separate header is therefore eliminated... (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Pi 3 Power for Embedded Systems Designers

Love Pi 3's functionality but need something smaller for your embedded designs? Raspberry Pi's CM3 (Compute Module 3) is just 67.6 mm x 31 mm and fits into a standard DDR2 SO DIMM socket. Now embedded systems designers can integrate Pi power into more industrial-type applications.

The new Compute Module 3 family of products is available from RS now and includes: (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Gadget Renesas SAKURA boards at RS Components

‘Gadget Renesas’ is a concept developed by Renesas that links ideas with electronics by providing boards for rapid prototyping, along with an online community to share ideas. Offering a highly flexible platform, these general purpose programmable boards are suitable for all levels – from engineering students just starting out, to professional design engineers. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - 600+ Amphenol FCI products added to RS portfolio

RS has added over 600 additional connectors and cable assemblies from the recently rebranded Amphenol FCI (AFCI), expanding the RS AFCI offering to more than 1,700 product lines. The range includes mezzanine and backplane connectors, power supply accessories, I/O connectors, power connectors, board-to-board and wire-to-board connectors, terminal blocks, cable assemblies and FPC connectors. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - RS grows DEUTSCH industrial vehicle product range

With a reputation for high-performance, reliable connectivity in harsh environments, DEUTSCH products are used for everything from commercial automotive applications to construction and agricultural vehicles, and even extreme recreational vehicles, such as snowmobiles and powerboats. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Save PCB space with Molex Nano-Fit™ from RS

Molex Nano-Fit™ power connectors provide fully protected header terminals in a small package saving valuable PCB space. Available at RS now in small quantity packs for prototyping and R&D as well as larger order quantities for production.

These versatile power connectors are suitable for a range of sectors including automotive, aerospace, defence, medical, industrial and... (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Get the official Raspberry Pi starter kit at RS

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched its official Raspberry Pi starter kit which is expertly put together to enable budding designers or makers to start experimenting and programming in just a few minutes. The official kit includes everything you need to get up and running quickly and easily – simply attach to a monitor, plug in a few cables and power up! (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Thousands of New Panasonic Passives Now at RS

RS has boosted its wide range of passive components by adding thousands of new introductions from Panasonic to enhance the breadth and scope of options for engineers. This extends RS's range of Panasonic passives to over 17,000 high-quality product lines.

These latest additions to RS include many popular, cost-effective lines from Panasonic, including power inductors and inductor... (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - XP Power agreement with RS adds 2,500 lines

RS Components has signed a distribution agreement with XP Power which extends its XP power supply portfolio to approximately 2,500 lines. XP Power is a leading supplier of AC/DC power supplies as well as DC/DC converters and DC to high voltage DC convertors. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - TinkerKit Braccio robotics for Arduino makers

The TinkerKit Braccio brings affordable robotics to the global Arduino maker and developer community; for professional programmers and students or hobbyists alike.

With a diverse range of functionality combined with high design flexibility, it is ideally suited for prototyping projects and academic experimentation. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - For better harvests design with Petunia LEDs

Design and create advanced products to boost the performance of horticultural businesses with Petunia starter kits and lighting components from Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS), available now at RS. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - RS first to stock Halo LED illuminated indicators

APEM’s QH series of Halo LED illuminated indicators provide impressive, stylish and intuitive visual feedback for a diverse range of interior and exterior applications. Simple to install, Halo LEDs can be mounted seamlessly with a wide variety of new or pre-installed switches, for example, pushbutton, anti-vandal, key and rotary switches. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - TE Connectivity Means Power

Every electrical and electronic system needs power, but "power" means different things to different engineers. For the PCB designer, power might mean a 5 Volt power supply delivering a few hundred milliamps. But for the industrial motor designer, power might mean hundreds of amps and hundreds of volts. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Rosenberger fibre-optic cabling infrastructure

Rosenberger is well-known for offering the highest standards of quality, innovation and functionality in cabling and plug solutions across a wide range of sectors, including industrial automation and Industry 4.0, telecommunication and broadcasting, data centres and building communication-infrastructure. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Zero-Smog for your electronics design workbench

Enjoy portable and flexible protection with Weller’s new Zero-Smog soldering filtration unit, ideal for anything from small soldering applications on an electronics design workbench, through to providing protection for engineers working in soldering environments. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Protective coatings for electronics design from RS

A new range of protective coatings for electronic production and design is now available from RS Components. The range from MG Chemicals is specifically designed for electronics production and prototyping and includes some of the industry’s best known conductive epoxy resins, conductive greases and conformal coatings, in addition to encapsulating and potting epoxies. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - LoRa® evaluation kits from Microchip

Designing IoT applications is easier than ever with Microchip’s new LoRa® evaluation kits. With built-in certification for North America and Europe these LoRa® kits integrate sensors, gateways and local server applications, enabling quick and easy IoT development possibilities to support engineers. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Semtech LoRaWAN™ IoT development kits now at RS

Looking for the perfect platform for your next IoT design? LoRaWAN™ development kits offer highly robust, low power wireless communication over large distances to support engineers with their IoT applications designs.

LoRaWAN™ offers benefits over many low-power wireless technologies boasting a longer range and increased resilience to interference. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - HOTcaps™ – ultra high-temperature capacitors

In the automotive and aerospace arenas, increasingly powerful systems and technologies designed to take us further, faster, are demanding more robust electronic components that can withstand extremely demanding operating conditions. Vishay’s progressive new range of HOTcaps™ leaded multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) feature an unrivalled maximum operating temperature of 17... (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - FTDI compact hi-speed USB interface chips at RS

New, compact dual- and quad-channel hi-speed USB interface ICs from FTDI Chip address limited board space issues and provide engineers with additional I/O options. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - RS brings simple solutions to utilise IIoT

New technologies are emerging all the time, but with the huge cost of business IT infrastructures and industrial automation systems, engineers cannot start fresh with new, compatible systems to take advantage of these innovative technologies. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - RS Pro launches portable Wi-Fi microscopes

A new range of wireless microscopes is now available from RS Pro, RS Components own-label brand combining quality and performance with value.

These small, portable microscopes use Wi-Fi communication which means they can be easily operated using a PC, smartphone or tablet making them extremely versatile and easy to use. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - ‘Build your own laptop’ – pi-top kit now at RS

The innovative pi-top development kit extends your Raspberry-Pi’s functionality and portability, providing an ideal platform for makers and educators.

The crowd-funded pi-top is a Raspberry Pi powered laptop that can be upgraded by swapping out your Raspberry Pi board. The concept was designed to help users learn about programming, computing, hardware creation and electronic... (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - New Digital Power Explorer Kit from Infineon

Engineers now have easy entry into digital power control with Infineon’s new XMC Digital Power Explorer Kit. Available worldwide from RS Components, the new kit was designed using RS’s own DesignSpark PCB software. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Raspberry Pi’s new HD and infrared camera modules

Grab yours today, the brand new, easy-to-use Raspberry Pi Camera Board Version 2 is available now from RS Components.

Enabling users to take digital still photographs and HD videos, the 8MP Camera Board is available in two versions: Standard Visible and Pi NoIR. Pi NoIR is the same as the standard module but has no infrared (IR) filter which is great for video and photography in t... (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - FLIR transforms CCTV into HD without new cabling!

Now you can use your existing cabling network to exploit HD video, thermal imaging and network video recording, saving you significant installation and upgrade costs. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Testo HVAC Smart Probes for wireless syncing

These new Smart Probes from Testo offer the first professional wireless test and measurement instruments for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) which can be used, via an app, with tablets and smartphones. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - RS launches new batteries and storage solutions

RS has added four new battery ranges to its portfolio, including RS Pro rechargeable and Energizer varieties, plus a new range of battery storage solutions to organise, store and dispense batteries. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Connecting the Home of Tomorrow - TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity is at the forefront of the home automation revolution, offering connectivity and sensor solutions that can be integrated into a huge range of new, intelligent household devices. All available today from RS Components. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - SmartEyeglass – knowledge right before your eyes!

RS has just introduced this amazing ‘smart glasses’ development platform from Sony that allows developers to build apps that communicate with the glasses and wired controller.

This means designers can develop new solutions to boost workplace productivity, as well as design up-to-the-minute augmented reality and gaming platforms. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - RS adds Measurement Specialties Sensor Range

Following the acquisition of Measurement Specialties by TE Connectivity in 2014, RS Components has strengthened its sensor position with the addition of Measurement Specialties’ range to its portfolio. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Latest ARM mbed IoT Device Platform at RS

Freescale’s Freedom-K64F platform brings seamless mbed OS development to the engineer’s bench, making it easy to handle IoT complexity at scale. (read more)

RS Components, Ltd. - Staying Connected in Harsh Environments

New global distribution agreement between RS Components and TE Connectivity enables quick and easy access to TE’s high-performance DEUTSCH connectivity solutions for applications in the toughest environments. (read more)