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Rochester Electronics has promoted these products / services:

Rochester Electronics -  Rochester Partners with Intelligent Memory

Rochester Electronics and Intelligent Memory Ensure the Availability of Legacy Storage Solutions: A Continuing Source for Mature DRAM and NAND products (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Webinar: Mitigating Supply Chain Risks

Mitigating Supply Chain Risks: On-Shore Assembly Solutions for Long-Lifecycle Systems (read more)

Rochester Electronics - QFN and DFN Assemblies

Mitigating Supply Chain Obsolescence: The Semiconductor Manufacturing Move Towards QFN and DFN Assemblies (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Exploring the Semiconductor Manufacturing Puzzle

Learn how the manufacturing supply chain impacts long-term product availability and why the industry has moved away from lead-frame assemblies. (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Recorded webinar: extension of life

Discover how licensed manufacturing provides a proven solution to extend the lifecycle of semiconductor components. (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Are You Overthinking Date Codes?

Why general date code restrictions for components are becoming obsolete (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Rochester Electronics to Offer Semtech Solutions

Rochester Electronics to Offer Semtech’s Active and End-of-Life Mixed Signal Solutions (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Rochester Partners with SkyHigh Memory Ltd.

Rochester Electronics and SkyHigh Memory have entered into an agreement to provide continued support for mature NAND technologies. (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Processing the History of Microprocessors

Rochester looks back on the industry’s history with respect to all that came before. 50 years have led to today, 50 years of improvements, and 50 years of innovation. (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Component Management – Begin Before the End

6 Steps of Successfully Planning for and Avoiding the Costs of Obsolescence (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Rochester Extends Product Life

Rochester Electronics Extends the Life of Photodiode Sensor Arrays through Modern Testing Platforms (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Long Term Storage Solutions

Rochester’s diligent research has shown that long-term storage doesn’t necessarily result in product degradation. In fact, components can still be functionally assembled and are electrically viable for many years. Storage presents a viable solution for long-lifecycle applications. (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Analog Devices RF and Microwave Device Solutions

Rochester Electronics is broadening its collaboration with ADI to extend the supply of ADI’s RF and Microwave devices to customers worldwide. (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Webinar: Effects of Long-Term Storage/Mil & Aero

Learn about the effects of long-term storage on semiconductor components for military and aerospace applications (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Long-Term Support for NXP MPC860/MPC855 Products

Rochester Electronics and NXP Semiconductors have partnered together to continue the MPC860/MPC855 product family beyond the NXP published last ship date. (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Rochester Electronics to Offer Skyworks Devices

Rochester Electronics, LLC is now offering its customers active and end-of-life (EOL) Skyworks Solutions, Inc. products. (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Extending Product Lifecycles for Mil/Aero

Learn how Rochester's product replication can provide a viable solution for obsolescence management for the military and aerospace industries. (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Rochester Electronics Partners with Toshiba

Rochester Electronics LLC is partnering with Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation, a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor and storage solutions. Toshiba semiconductors and storage products support a wide range of industrial, automotive, and consumer applications. (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Authorized Source: IGBT, MOSFETs, Transistors

Rochester Electronics stocks over two-billion units of transistors and gate drive devices, covering 20,000-part numbers. Our inventory is a mix of both active and obsolete devices, with 40% exhibiting lead times greater than 20 weeks. (read more)

Rochester Electronics - Rochester Receives IATF 16949 Certification

Rochester Electronics is excited to announce that it has received the IATF 16949:2016 certification for the manufacture of semiconductor components at its US-based facilities. (read more)