SensoPart has promoted these products / services:

SensoPart - Code reading on challenging surfaces

The VISOR® Code Reader reads all kinds of printed codes, regardless of whether the surface is shiny, curved or colored. (read more)

SensoPart - Superior vision sensing
  • Superior image detail with 5-megapixel resolution
  • Compact design with integrated lighting
  • Automatic focus and brightness for easy operation
(read more)
SensoPart - Visionary optics where you need it most

Our new compact and easy to use VISOR® V50 vision sensor delivers visionary optics where you need it most, with integrated lighting and a resolution ten times that of standard vision sensors. (read more)

SensoPart - Our new vision sensor leaves the rest in the dark.

VISOR® V50 - Leaves the others in the dark (read more)

SensoPart - Vision sensor for robotics applications

Elevate your process stability and maintainability to a new level with VISOR® Robotic and the Target Mark 3D technology. (read more)

SensoPart - Vision sensor VISOR Code Reader

Vision sensor VISOR® Code Reader with ready to use components from SensoPart presented by Marcus Koslik - Product Management Vision. (read more)

SensoPart - High-accuracy 3D robotics

High-accuracy 3D robotics with SensoPart's vision sensor
With the Target Mark 3D function of its VISOR® Robotic vision sensor, SensoPart facilitates spatial awareness of handling and assembly robots – with minimal programming in the robot control system. (read more)

SensoPart - Easy.Robot.Vision.

Automation is unimaginable without robots in many sectors of industry today: collaborative robot systems (cobots) in particular, which can work side by side with people, have become widely used over recent years. Vision sensors from SensoPart serve as the "eyes" of cobots. (read more)

SensoPart - Typical Inductive Sensors from Sensopart

Because of their functional principle, inductive sensors are only suitable for detecting metal objects. (read more)

SensoPart - Typical Ultrasonic Sensors from Sensopart

Ultrasonic sensors may be a useful alternative where optical sensors come up against their physical limits.  (read more)

SensoPart - Reliable detection and differentiation of colors

Differences in color and contrast are important characteristics for the detection and differentiation of objects. Sensors from SensoPart reliably detect colored objects, prints and labels during production processes or quality assurance. (read more)

SensoPart - Color & contrast sensors

The compact FT 55-CM color sensor is particularly versatile, offering outstanding color detection even with challenging surfaces, and can, for example, reliably sort objects by color. (read more)

SensoPart - Detection of transparent objects

Photoelectric sensors with BlueLight technology open up new fields of application (read more)

SensoPart - Reliable detection of reflective surfaces

Sensors with BlueLight technology prove a cost-efficient alternative to standard red light retro-reflective photoelectric sensors. For example, in the packaging industry, plastics industry, automotive industry, solar industry (wafers), beverage industry or in special purpose machine construction or laboratory automation. (read more)

SensoPart - Detection of very dark objects

Photoelectric sensors with BlueLight technology - F 10 BlueLight, F 25 BlueLight and F 55 BlueLight - offer greater detection efficiency than conventional red light proximity sensors when detecting dark or transparent objects (read more)

SensoPart - The next generation of object detection

Applications & Industies

  • Automotive industry

Robust identification of metal objects with high-gloss surface

Detection of deep black components

  • Packaging industry

Detection of transparent film / containers / labels

  • Pharmaceutical industry

Positioning of transparent test tubes / syringes / pi... (read more)

SensoPart - Sub-miniature laser distance sensor
  • Measurement value output via IO-Link
  • Minimum weight
  • Also suited to smallest installation spaces thanks to minimal dimensions
  • Adjustable averaging times
  • Laser class 1 for optimum eye safety
(read more)
SensoPart - Distance sensors for all operating ranges

Distance sensors for all operating ranges

  • Triangulation for close range
  • Time-of-flight for long distances
(read more)
SensoPart - Distance sensors

Accurate and non-contact distance measurement
for automation technology (read more)

SensoPart - The Eyes of the Robot

Vision sensors from SensoPart serve as the "eyes" of cobots. (read more)

SensoPart - Sensors from SensoPart

SensoPart distance sensors are reliable tools for many application purposes (read more)