Technetics Group has promoted these products / services:

Technetics Group - HELICOFLEX® TEXEAL® helps reduce operating costs

HELICOFLEX® TEXEAL® can help reduce operating costs during maintenance. It is a material innovation developed from decades of established sealing expertise. (read more)


Technetics provided BELFAB® edge-welded metal bellows to protect Perseverance’s drilling arm used for soil and rock sample collection. Much like the 2012 Curiosity mission, these bellows must operate in the harshest of conditions including temperatures that can range from -328 to 536 degrees Fahrenheit. (read more)


Technetics SAFE SHEAR® burst discs have protected those engaged in Human Spaceflight, spacecraft that has traveled to Mars, and the satellites that encircle the earth, examining the deepest parts of our universe. (read more)

Technetics Group - PTFE Thread Seals from Technetics Group

Technetics?Group has the?high performance?thread sealant tape for even the most critical applications. (read more)

Technetics Group - Brush Seals from Technetics Group

A range of  brush seal designs from Technetics Group. (read more)


Product recognition and identification are critical in the wire and cable industry. The traditional route to do this has been to use ink-jet printing on plastic.  (read more)

Technetics Group - Supporting Space Flight History

Supporting Space Flight History with the Space Launch System (SLS)
Technetics Group is a proud supplier to NASA, Boeing and Aerojet Rocketdyne, and proved instrumental in working with these organizations on the development of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS). (read more)

Technetics Group - Critical Solutions for Industrial Turbines

Industrial turbines are constantly being re-developed and re-designed, and you need confidence that your components will keep pace. At Technetics Group we help you deliver power with confidence. (read more)

Technetics Group - What PTFE can do for fluid control applications

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) has numerous applications. PTFE is used in the manufacture of several parts for the control of fluids. Seals and gaskets are among the most common, but diaphragms, manifolds, tubing, bellows and many other items can be made from PTFE as well. Learn More.... (read more)

Technetics Group - Pushing the boundaries of vacuum sealing

ITER is one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world today. The high pressure vacuum vessel for the fusion process handles temperatures up to 300,000,000 degrees Celsius. Learn about the tokamak and Technetics part in the project in this brief video (read more)

Technetics Group - ORIGRAF® Graphite Seals

Unlike flexible graphite cut gaskets, the compression of the ORIGRAF® die-formed seal is limited by a mechanical stop: groove or inner and/or outer ring. In the case of assemblies subject to extreme pressure and/or temperature this design prevents application of an excessive seating stress on the seal during transients. (read more)

Technetics Group -  Sealing Systems & Subassemblies

Applications Include:

  • Nuclear: primary loop, filters, thermocouple nozzles, removable, flanges for cavity filling
  • Ultra-high vacuum: accelerators & fusion research
  • PVD/CVD/etch equipment
  • Gas/chemical delivery
  • Pressure vessels: design of pressure equipment closings
(read more)
Technetics Group - Inflatable Seals

Technetics Group offers a variety of custom-engineered inflatable seals for your critical applications. Our products include BIO-GUARDIAN® seals with microbial protection, CEFIL'AIR® inflatable seals, as well as fabric reinforced inflatable seals. (read more)

Technetics Group - Precisely Engineered Components for a Precise Market

The semiconductors behind today’s technology are rapidly evolving (read more)

Technetics Group - Trusted at 30,000 Feet — and Beyond

Technetics is a leader in designing and manufacturing engineered products for demanding aerospace environments (read more)


Technetics Group France presents its new remote inspection service. It allows our customers more flexibility but also time and cost savings without compromising the quality of the inspections (read more)


Cryogenic fluids reside within pressurized fuel tanks and propellant subsystems. (read more)

Technetics Group - Fluoropolymer Etching Solutions that Stick

PTFE is engineered for a low coefficient of friction. Bonding a PTFE sheet to other surfaces requires that the surface of the PTFE be modified utilizing a chemical etching process. Access a recent case study on the application in bridge bearings. (read more)

Technetics Group - The Benefits of High-Performance Metallic Seals in Critical Applications

Failure is not an option in the most demanding sealing applications. Valves continually strain the capabilities of sealing solutions, and elastomer solutions are often not enough. (read more)

Technetics Group - The Importance of UV Laser Markability in the Wire and Cable Industry

Product recognition and identification are critical in the wire and cable industry. The traditional route to do this has been to use ink-jet printing on plastic. (read more)