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Tecnotion - Iron core motor - TBW Series

It features a fully integrated, highly efficient cooling system which enables the TBW to reach even higher continuous forces than the standard version and sustain extreme accelerations while maintaining its sub micron position accuracy. (read more)

Tecnotion - Iron core motor - TB Series

The high-end TB motors are heavy duty workhorses that combine high acceleration and speed, sub micron positioning accuracy and low power consumption with a superb force density. (read more)

Tecnotion - Iron core motor - TL Series

Iron core motors for high acceleration, speed and accuracy.The mid-range TL is our most popular iron core motor. Suited for nearly any application, including those with long travel lengths, like printers for large digital formats. (read more)

Tecnotion - Iron core motor - TM series

Compact iron core motors for low cost of ownership. This motor is very versatile, reliable and efficient for a wide range of applications that do not require high forces. (read more)

Tecnotion - Iron core motors for semiconductor applications

In this webinar, we outline the use of linear motor in back-end semiconductor production processes such as pick and place, hybrid bonding. These processes continuously require higher force and higher accuracy to shorten production time for maximizing your output. (read more)

Tecnotion - The effect of heat transfer in vacuum environment

Three ways of dissipationTecnotion’s G2 vacuum ironless motors move masses with a certain velocity and acceleration. The heavier the mass or the faster the movement, the more work the motors have to deliver. This effort results in more generated heat, which needs to be dissipated to prevent the motors from overheating.Conduction

There are three ways of dissipat... (read more)

Tecnotion - Why choose for a Torque motor?

Torque motors are permanent-magnet direct drive motors that rotate along an axis. They can be used wherever a rotary movement is required and offer numerous advantages over conventional servo drives.

The direct drive technology of brushless torque motors is a perfect way to enhance productivity, accuracy, and dynamic performance of applications. The technology lowers costs, makes... (read more)

Tecnotion - How does a linear motor work?

Used in many industrial and (high-tech) fabrication applications, linear motors are an invaluable part of the fastest and most efficient processes. (read more)

Tecnotion - Iron core motors - your ultimate guide

Check out our latest iron core motors brochure! Packed with updated features and insights, it is your ultimate guide to help you maximize productivity and efficiency. Different languages are available to download now!

Tecnotion direct drive motors are seamlessly integrated in a wide range of applications such as semiconductors, machine tooling, robotics, display applications and p... (read more)

Tecnotion - Lowering thermal resistance - maximize performance

Maximize performance of the direct drive motor by lowering thermal resistance (read more)

Tecnotion - Ironless motors for semiconductor applications

Webinar Recording

This Webinar was presented on Marh 19, 2024

In this Webinar, we explained how ironless motors are used in semiconductor applications. The advantages of using these motors, as well as the challenges (such as cooling the motors and containing magnetic stray fields), were discussed. (read more)

Tecnotion - Accelerated payload rotation for SCARA robots

Torque motors have a large diameter due to the hollow shaft. This makes it possible to run the z-axis rod of a SCARA robot, with the torque motor providing the rotation movement for the z-axis rod. The direct coupling of the motor with the z-axis rod enables high inertia payloads with faster acceleration in comparison to belt drive motors and conventional servo motors.

The large i... (read more)

Tecnotion - Torque motors vs Conventional servo motors

Different motor types are used to provide rotary motion within industrial applications. Each application has different requirements for speed, torque and accuracy, as well as its constraints in build-in volume and budget. This page briefly introduces different types of motors and their performance in positioning/indexing applications. Please watch our webinar recording to find out... (read more)

Tecnotion - Why use a vacuum-enclosed design?

5 questions answered

A perfect vacuum is an environment without any matter of gas in it. In industrial applications, a vacuum environment is considered to have a pressure much lower than the atmospheric pressure and is therefore formally only a partial vacuum. In the semiconductor market, vacuum systems are used at various manufacturing stages to reduce impurities and prevent cont... (read more)

Tecnotion - Custom magnet plate - boost your power

At Tecnotion, we can customize iron core magnet plates by adding additional force to the existing motors, all without the need for any design modifications. This tailored approach delivers a substantial boost in motor force, guarantees higher acceleration and improved efficiency! (read more)

Tecnotion - Customized motors

Standard torque and linear motors may not always be sufficient for your application. In that case it is possible to have these motors customized in a variety of ways. (read more)

Tecnotion - Torque motor - QTL 485 series

Biggest torque motors with space-saving electromagnetic design (read more)

Tecnotion - Torque motor - QTL 385 series

Efficient design scaled up for even higher torque demands (read more)

Tecnotion - Torque motor - QTL 310 series

With integrated cooling channels to reach very high continuous torque (read more)

Tecnotion - Torque motor - QTL 290 series

Ready for highly dynamic movements in machine applications (read more)

Tecnotion - Torque motor - QTL 210 series

Smallest QTL motor with higher torque than the QTR series (read more)

Tecnotion - Torque motor - QTL 230 series

With integrated water cooling to reach very high continuous torque (read more)

Tecnotion - Torque Motor - QTR 160 series

Power and size combined to replace large factory machinery (read more)

Tecnotion - Torque Motor - QTR 133 series

High peak force with a large range of options (read more)

Tecnotion - Torque Motor - QTR 105 series

Large inner diameter with flat design (read more)

Tecnotion - Torque Motor - QTR 78 series

Small build-space and a large 29 mm inner diameter (read more)

Tecnotion - Torque motor- QTR 65 series

Compact sizing and low voltage support (read more)

Tecnotion - UXXV – G2 series

Efficient and with high motor constant. Ideal for heavy duty applications that demand ultra-precision and maximum force output. (read more)

Tecnotion - UMV – G2 series

High positioning accuracy and repeatability. Ideal for applications that require extreme accuracy. (read more)

Tecnotion - ULV – G2 series

High acceleration and dynamics. Ideal for applications that demand peak force or low heat output. (read more)

Tecnotion - Robotics - Integrate Compact Solutions

Integrate compact solutions for guaranteed uptime and high dynamics

Within a wide variety of industries, robotic manipulators can improve productivity, accuracy and reliability. Direct drive motors are ideal to advance the robot performance by improving the dynamics and force density.

Eliminate the gearbox in Delta robots

With a traditional delta robot, a gearbox is... (read more)

Tecnotion - Iron-core linear motor TL 48

The TL48Q is perfect for printing solutions (read more)

Tecnotion - UF Series Ironless Motor, for high duty cycles

The UF Series is built specifically to sustain very high continuous forces for its footprint, which is only marginally larger than that of the UC. It is exceptionally suited for applications with high duty cycles, for instance in the medical and semiconductor markets of for pick & place systems. Peak Force 42.5...85N Continuous Force 19.5..39N

Peak force 42.5..85N, continuous... (read more)

Tecnotion - Direct Drive Motor Selection & Simulation Tool

Tecnotion launched its new online simulation tool. With the new calculation tool, you can simulate motor behavior under different conditions and with different movement profiles. All in a very dynamic environment. (read more)

Tecnotion - UXA Series Ironless Motor, powerfull solution

The UXA is the economical alternative to the UXX series. It's slightly less powerful but makes up for this with a smaller footprint and an attractive price tag. It still features the same ultra-precision and this makes the UXA ideal for heavy duty applications where the UXX would be a bit too much. Peak force 615..3690N, continuous force 120..720N. (read more)