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Tecnotion - Iron-core linear motor TL 48

The TL48Q is perfect for printing solutions (read more)

Tecnotion - New QTL Series 385-485

Ultimate QTL-A 385 1026 - 1368Nm // Ultimate QTL-A 485 1651 - 2202Nm
Continuous QTL-A 385 407 - 560Nm // Continuous QTL-A 485 659 - 907Nm

The QTL-385 and QTL485 torque motors supersede the QTL-210 -310 series as the biggest torque motors that Tecnotion has to offer. It has the same efficient and space-saving electromagnetic design scaled up... (read more)

Tecnotion - Webinar recording: Motor sizing and selection

Selecting the perfect motor can enhance your development process. In this webinar, we explained why bigger is not always better when it comes to motor sizing. Also we demonstrated how easy it is to choose the fit motor for your application using our online simulation tool. (read more)

Tecnotion - Webinar recording - The moment of inertia

This webinar explained what is the moment of inertia and how to calculate it. (read more)

Tecnotion - Webinar recording-Installation of torque motors

Frameless torque motors enable a great compact solution when integrated in your application. In this Webinar, we presented how to install a torque motor and discover various options and directions. (read more)

Tecnotion - Fully customized advanced linear motors


Tecnotion has the ability to make fully customized advanced linear motors. These motors are usually used in very specific high end markets like lithography, wafer inspection, display manufacturing, scientific applications and aerospace. (read more)

Tecnotion - QTL Series 210-230-290-310

The QTL motor series are our largest torque motors up to date, yet very compact and thus a high torque density. The QTL is frameless and therefore it can be integrated directly into the machine structure, while the spacious open inner diameter enables wire and cable feedthrough. The series are suitable for a variety of markets. (read more)

Tecnotion - Torque Motors

Torque motors are permanent-magnet direct drive motors that rotate along an axis. They can be used wherever a rotary movement is required and offer numerous advantages over conventional servo drives.

Our torque motors are:

  • Extremely compact,
  • Provide an extremely stiff drive train
  • Eliminate the need for time-consuming mounting procedures...
(read more)
Tecnotion - What is a torque motor?

Rotational electric motors have been around for ages but a lot has changed since then. How did electric motors change? What innovations have been made? Torque motors have benefitted greatly from the knowledge gained making linear motors.
Utilizing a brushless 3-phase design they can provide even greater efficiency and power, especially at low rpm. Meanwhile minimizing maintenance r... (read more)

Tecnotion - Low Voltage High Performance Linear Motors

Tecnotion, the direct drive specialist offers both small iron core and ironless linear motors for low voltage purposes. In addition to 230 Vac and 400 Vac motors for industrial applications, drives are often sought for low-voltage applications of 60Vdc and less. (read more)

Tecnotion - UC3 from Tecnotion with an alternative cable output

Tecnotion, March 2017 –When installing a drive, available power and various other factors play an important role. The cable outlet of the motor may be a decisive criterion, particularly when space is limited. For this reason the smallest ironless linear motor from Tecnotion -the UC3- is also available with a cable output in the travel direction. (read more)

Tecnotion - UF Series Ironless Motor, for high duty cycles

The UF Series is built specifically to sustain very high continuous forces for its footprint, which is only marginally larger than that of the UC. It is exceptionally suited for applications with high duty cycles, for instance in the medical and semiconductor markets of for pick & place systems. Peak Force 42.5...85N Continuous Force 19.5..39N

Peak force 42.5..85N, continuous... (read more)

Tecnotion - ULV Series Ironless vacuum motor

The ULV coils are high end coils in the vacuum rated linear motor series. The ULV is commonly used for applications demanding peak force or low heat output. In longer strokes ULV coils can be combined to save magnet material but still achieve high performance. Peak force 720N, continuous force 150N. (read more)

Tecnotion - Direct Drive Motor Selection & Simulation Tool

Tecnotion launched its new online simulation tool. With the new calculation tool, you can simulate motor behavior under different conditions and with different movement profiles. All in a very dynamic environment. (read more)

Tecnotion - UXA Series Ironless Motor, powerfull solution

The UXA is the economical alternative to the UXX series. It's slightly less powerful but makes up for this with a smaller footprint and an attractive price tag. It still features the same ultra-precision and this makes the UXA ideal for heavy duty applications where the UXX would be a bit too much. Peak force 615..3690N, continuous force 120..720N. (read more)

Tecnotion - Iron Core Linear Motors, High Continuous Force

Designed and constructed with an iron core, these linear motors offer extremely high continuous force for their size, starting at 60N for the small TM, all the way up to 3000N for the water cooled TBW powerhouse. Peak forces are even higher, reaching up to 6000N. (read more)

Tecnotion - Ironless Linear Motors for Semiconductor Industry

The high-end UL ironless motors are available in various configurations that can easily be adapted to application specific requirements. Because of their high speed, posistioning accuracy and zero cogging and attraction force between the Coil Unit and the magnets, many UL motors are successfully applied throughout the semiconductor industry. Peak force 240..1200N, continuous force 70..350N (read more)

Tecnotion - High Cleanliness Vacuum Linear Motors

The UMV coils are the smallest coils in the vacuum rated linear motor series of Tecnotion. This serie is ideal for positioning e.g. in gantries, or high dynamic, light weight applications which require extreme accuracy. Peak force 400N, continuous force 80N. (read more)

Tecnotion - Curved Magnet Track Linear Motors

How does a linear motor move over a curved track? A seemingly complicated question with straight forward answers. Where traditionally different motion systems can be used to follow up on a linear motion, Tecnotion develops curved magnet tracks. These tracks allow more complicated curved movements using a 'traditional' iron core linear coil unit.

Curved magnets... (read more)