HydraForce was founded in 1985, just north of Chicago by several partners who had the foresight to identify the mobile equipment industry's need for high quality hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds. Today, we've grown to several manufacturing locations in North America, Europe and Asia, featuring a worldwide network of 120 stocking distributors who can provide our customers with all the local support they need.

Our Story

The HydraForce story began in 1985 when the company was founded near Chicago by several partners who saw the mobile equipment industry’s need for quality hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds delivered in a timely and responsive manner. They also saw the potential for engineering innovation and design flexibility offered by cost effective and space-saving cartridge valves and hydraulic integrated circuits.

Since its founding, HydraForce continues to be a privately held company as it has grown to several manufacturing locations in North America, Europe and Asia, with a network of 120 stocking distributors who can offer local support across the globe.

To maintain our core competency of speed to market, HydraForce has invested in application technical support tools including i-Design, our free hydraulic system design software, which integrates seamlessly with 3rd party simulation software, monthly webinars on new products and application tips, and an online product catalog.

All HydraForce products carry a five-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship.  

HydraForce Cartridge Valves, Custom Manifolds and Electro-Hydraulic Controls

HydraForce offers one of the most comprehensive lines of high quality hydraulic cartridge valves for the mobile and industrial equipment markets. We design and manufacture high performance valves that meet virtually any need encountered in machine design for flow rates of 0.4 to 530 lpm (0.1 to 140 gpm). HydraForce cartridge valves are designed to fit a wide range of industry-common valve cavities. Cavity thread sizes and complete cavity specifications are provided in our technical reference section.

Our custom manifolds offer no-leak, screw-in componentry, fast and easy valve removal and replacement, and reduced plumbing when compared to traditional hydraulic systems. We also offer a robust line of controllers that are rugged, reliable, and optimized for electro-hydraulic system integration.

Innovative, Robust, and Customizable Designs

Custom is our specialty, if you don’t see what you need on the site, reach out to your HydraForce representative or one of a hundred local distributors to discuss your custom needs.  Our "group technology" approach to product planning, design, and manufacturing allows us to use a few basic parts to create many different models. Product availability is enhanced by this cost-effective engineering approach.

Flexible Delivery

Flexibility is one of the cornerstones of our operation and your dedication to quality and flexibility ensures you’ll get your HydraForce hydraulic control system quickly. Our Just In Time production methodology provides the capacity to meet the most demanding customer requirements in less time than it takes most manufacturers to pull and ship material from their finished goods inventory.  No matter where you are in the world, we expedite your order to your facility so you get what you need, when you need it, and most importantly, when it’s promised.

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