BaseTek, LLC, founded in 2001, specializes in the design and build of proven polymer composite bases and filled weldments for a broad range of industries. They are the market leader in polymer concrete baseplates for the rotating equipment industry. BaseTek offers a complete line of pre-engineered and custom baseplates, along with accessories for all types of process pumps and specialty rotating equipment.

BaseTek's state-of-the-art, 12,000+ Sq. Ft. manufacturing facility in Newbury, Ohio U.S.A. is a turnkey operation with a staff of industry experts who bring over 25 years of combined casting experience. Balanced vertical integration allows for efficient designing, manufacturing and inspection of baseplates to match any size and shape most applications demand. Computer controlled batch mixing systems, precision tooling and CMM inspection equipment insure consistent quality and reliable castings.

Bases are manufactured of Zanite®, a proprietary polymer concrete material. It is a blend of pure silicon dioxide, ceramic quartz aggregate and high strength epoxy resins. BaseTek bases deliver a solid, unmatched surface flatness and provide increased physical properties that surpass lower grade vinyl ester composites and fiberglass. They are corrosion resistant and offer higher tensile, flexural and compression strength than vinyl ester.

BaseTek incorporates the latest casting technologies and can aid in the development of tooling and part design thru modern CAD capabilities including solid modeling and sophisticated Finite Element Analysis software. BaseTek's goal is to consistently supply its customers with the highest quality part, at the lowest possible cost.

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