D/C Industries LLC.

D/C Industries has established solid, strategic alliances with manufacturers in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

Strategically located in Chicago, Illinois, D/C's United States sales, engineering, logistics and customer service staffs are well prepared to serve their customers.

D/C Industries provides solutions for those seeking cost savings offered by offshore components, but who do not have the resources to procure and manage the various resources. Through D/C's engineering design, product management, logistics, transportation and warehousing, they offer their clients the opportunity to become more competitive in the global market. D/C's goal is to provide their clients with the ability to take full advantage of low cost, high quality offshore components without the inconvenience of dealing with time zones, language barriers and logistics.

Cost reduction through logistics is one way they help their clients save money. As added benefits, they provide the following services:

D/C's mechanical and electrical engineering staff work with their clients to define the most cost effective materials. They will assist with research and the development of new projects, and offer suggestions for alternate designs based upon new technologies.

Kits and Sub-Assemblies
Reduction of number of parts as well as streamlined manufacturing assembly processes, ordering, and receiving is provided.

D/C Industries has strong strategic alliances and partnerships with leading manufacturers of electrical components. They are able to source components and deliver them to their clients at a reduced cost, thus allowing their clients to reduce their vendor base.

JIT and KAN BAN Programs
In addition to product in the production schedule, they carry a buffer stock in one of their U.S. warehouses to insure parts will be delivered during high demand production periods. This has the potential to significantly reduce operating inventory.

D/C Industries LLC.
D/C Industries LLC.
D/C Industries LLC.

Customer Service - On Site Personnel
A customer service representative is assigned to each account. This qualified individual has full working knowledge of the customer's unique logistics requirements. Under special circumstances, a part time or full time D/C employee will be placed on-site to handle ordering, stocking, and receiving of their products.

Design · Research · Development
On Time and JIT Programs · Quick Turn Prototype

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