EXAKT Technologies, Inc. has been providing precision laboratory equipment to research facilities for over 11 years. As a distributor for EXAKT Apparatebau GmbH & Co., Kg of Norderstedt, Germany, EXAKT initially imported newly designed cutting and grinding equipment for use in sample preparation by biomaterials and bone researchers.

Since then, the technologies developed for this unique application have translated into equipment for the preparation of out-of-the-ordinary samples and surfaces in a wide variety of industries.

The Three Roll Mill, also manufactured by EXAKT Apparatebau, is another product represented. Fifty years ago, EXAKT in Norderstedt began manufacturing three roll mills for pharmacies. Today, the small, countertop model with porcelain rollers is the standard for compounding ointments in pharmacies around the world. As with the sample preparation equipment, the original three-roll mill has grown from a single unit application to a product line of mills that disperse powders of all description into a myriad of substrates. From inks and paints to metal pastes and adhesives, there is no finer laboratory or limited production mill than the EXAKT Three Roll Mill.

EXAKT continues to seek out unique applications for all of its products — listening to the needs of our customers to modify or develop existing technologies is part of our company's formula for success.

EXAKT Technologies
EXAKT Technologies

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