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Spectrum Automation Company is a Michigan Corporation was founded in 1969. With principal offices in Livonia, MI, the Company designs, develops, and manufactures specialty parts feeding and material handling systems for such diversified fields as automotive, farm implement, fastener, medical, hardware, food and beverage, aerospace and munitions industries.

Spectrum Automation manufactures an extensive line of products. Their full line of feeders includes small parts feeders, rod feeders, conveyors, lazy Susan feeders, large parts feeders and magnetic feeders. Other products include floorbin elevators with various orientors (vibratory straight-line, static gravity, conveyor), parts assembly units and parts orienting systems. Their equipment is designed to meet specific customer requirements for noise level, gentle handling, ease and speed of tooling changes, bin sizes and much more. Spectrum accessories for efficient feeding, orienting, inspection, sorting, distribution, tracking, escaping, placing, loading and assembly functions.

Spectrum Automation's products are standardized with common features and components to the extent possible. However, the equipment is very specialized and is produced to custom specifications. Most machines are furnished with efficient top mounted drives having standard, commercially available motors, cast iron pulleys, belts, reducers, sprockets, chain and clutches. Several drive choices are available to suit all power, production rates and economy needs.

Spectrum Automation continues to lead the industry in the ability to meet current and future parts feeding requirements. They are continually developing new techniques, systems and technology for reduced cost, increased product quality and a reputation for exceeding customer expectations.

Spectrum Automation Company

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