Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. is comprised of technology companies serving the global wireless and telecommunications markets. Headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, their Company designs and manufactures a variety of products that further technological development in communications.

Wireless Telecom Group
Wireless Telecom Group Wireless Telecom Group  
  • Noisecom is a global provider of electronic noise generation equipment in the commercial and military telecommunications fields. Utilized for accurate, reliable measurements, users look to Noisecom for assistance with their equipment design.
  • Microlab, a wholly owned subsidiary, is a global provider of passive microwave components including power splitters, directional couplers and filters. These products are employed as system components in commercial applications such as wireless base stations for cellular, paging and private communications, in-building wireless signal distribution, television transmitters and aircraft navigation landing systems. Microlab products are also used in military systems such as electronic countermeasures and missile guidance.
  • Boonton Electronics, a wholly owned subsidiary, is a leader in the manufacture of test equipment dedicated to measuring the power of RF and Microwave systems used in multiple telecommunication markets. A pioneer in the industry, Boonton continues to provide high quality and high value instruments for users backed with outstanding customer support.

Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. targets opportunities that allow them to capitalize on their synergies and their talents. Their technological capabilities along with their customer service strategies lead them to success time and again.

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