In-Line Hydrometers

Liquid Density Digital Electronic Hydrometer -- SG-100M
from Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC

The Eagle Eye SG-100M specific gravity meter/liquid density monitor will replace ordinary glass bulb and optical refractometer hydrometers that are limited in range, utility, and functionality. The SG-100M has an in-tank, drop-hang submersible probe that measures, monitors, records, and controls... [See More]

  • Display & Special Features: Laboratory Style (Benchtop or handheld); In-Line; Computer Interface; Video Display Terminal; Data Storage (optional feature); Temperature Compensated; Temperature Measurement
  • Technology Type: Digital Pycnometer Instrument
  • Media Type: Liquid
  • Specific Gravity Range: 0.5500 to 2
Specific Gravity Analyzer -- Single Tube CPVC Model SGA-CPVC-FS
from JOGLER, Inc.

Engineered for Ease of Installation and High Reliability, Jogler Specific Gravity Analyzers (SGAs) are a dependable and accurate method for measuring and sampling process liquid levels in virtually any application: Acids. Caustics. Co-generation. Beverages, etc. Jogler SGAs present accurate visual... [See More]

  • Display & Special Features: In-Line
  • Technology Type: Simple Glass Assembly
  • Media Type: Liquid