Heat Detector Smoke Detectors Datasheets

from City Fire Equipment Company

Rugged control modules resist shock and vibration, and feature internal diagnostics and internal/external power sources. Thermal detection include linear wire or spot detectors. [See More]

  • Features: Heat Detector
Addressable Smoke and Heat Module -- EQ3750
from Det-Tronics

The ASH Module enables devices, such as smoke and heat detectors, in non-hazardous industrial areas (such as living quarters and control rooms) to be monitored by the same EQP system monitoring classified/hazardous areas. The EQP safety system identifies the precise location of any alarm via the... [See More]

  • Features: Heat Detector
  • Power Supply: Requires DC Voltage
  • Market: Commercial; Industrial
  • Operating Voltage Range: 18 to 30
QUASAR Flare Stack M8100SM-EXP -- Quasar M8100SM-EXP
from Mikron Infrared Inc.

Two wavelength infrared thermometer sensitive to carbon [See More]

  • Features: Heat Detector; Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Alarm Type: Built-in Visual Alarm Indicators (LEDs); Mechanical Relay
  • Market: Industrial
  • Power Supply: Requires AC Voltage; Requires DC Voltage
2-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector -- 2400TH

2-wire photoelectric smoke detector, remote LED annunciator capability [See More]

  • Features: Heat Detector
  • Alarm Type: Built-in Audible Alarm (optional feature); Built-in Visual Alarm Indicators (LEDs)
  • Sensing Technology Used: Photoelectric
  • Power Supply: Requires DC Voltage