PXITM Compliant CompactPCI Switches and PXI Switches Datasheets

NI PXI-2501, 24 Channel FET MUX and Matrix Switch -- 777696-01
from National Instruments

The National Instruments PXI-2501 performs as a multiplexer or matrix switch. The NI PXI-2501 is ideal for applications that require high-speed scanning of low-voltage signals ( ±10 V) because it uses FET switches with very low settling times (30 µs). [See More]

  • Technology: PXI
  • Switch Type: Solid State Switch
  • Switch Topology: Multiplexer
  • Relay Type: FET
10 Amp Power Relay Module -- 40-160-001
from Pickering Interfaces US Inc.

The 40-160 module has a choice of 10 x SPST, 20 x SPST or 10 x DPST Power Relays, suitable for switching inductive/capacitive loads up to 10A at 250Vac. Power Relay Modules are intended for switching heavy AC or DC loads or for slaving up to large external relays, contactors and solenoids. It is... [See More]

  • Technology: CompactPCI; PXI
  • Switch Topology: General Purpose Switch
  • Card Format: 3 U Eurocard
  • Switch Type: Relay Switch