Fluorescent Material Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Supplies and Accessories

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Non-Destructive Testing - Fluorescent Penetrants (Type I) -- Ardrox 9702, 9703, 9704 and 9715
from Chemetall

Ardrox 9702, 9703, 9704 and 9715 are water washable fluorescent penetrants. These products give crisp indications with exceptionally low levels of background and have excellent heat and UV fade characteristics. They are ideal for electrostatic application. [See More]

  • Penetrant Testing (Dye / FPI): Fluorescent Material; Penetrant or dye penetrant
Fluorescent Dye Penetrant -- Neon W/W
from Johnson and Allen, Ltd.

Johnson and Allen fluorescent dyes use hydrocarbon carrier fluids with additives to help give them the “searching ” properties required for effective dye penetrant inspection. This penetrant should typically be applied and left for between 15-30min before the excess is removed using a... [See More]

  • Penetrant Testing (Dye / FPI): Fluorescent Material