Threaded Mount Optical Feedthroughs Datasheets

Fiber Optic Feedthrough -- FSA
from Conax Technologies

Conax Technologies has adapted our proven soft sealant capability to include the ability to compress a soft sealant material around the outside diameter of a fiber optic cable. The fiber optic cable is encased within a rugged stainless steel sheath that protects the cable from damage during the... [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Threaded
  • Temperature Range: -4 to 185
  • Feedthrough Type: Optical / Fiber Optic
  • Attenuation: 0.3000
Coaxial Cable Connector Hermetic Feedthrus -- 25301
from Douglas Electrical Components

No more bent pins, mismatched connector sets, miswired harnesses, false readings due to contact resistance or special order delays: OptiSeal is delivered prewired, pretested and ready-to-install. Fiber optic feedthroughs and connectors are available from Douglas Electrical Components as a complete... [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Threaded; Nut
  • Mounting Diameter: 1
  • Feedthrough Type: Optical / Fiber Optic; Single Mode
  • Vacuum Rating: 760
Fiber Optic Feedthrough Series -- PFT
from Fiberguide Industries, Inc.

Fiberguide Industries offers a variety of Vacuum and Pressure Feedthroughs to meet the most demanding applications. In addition to our successful pigtailed version, we included a unique design, where the optical fibers can be disconnected at the feedthrough on both the vacuum and atmospheric sides. [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Flange; Threaded
  • Mounting Diameter: 0.8400
  • Feedthrough Type: Optical / Fiber Optic; Single Mode (optional feature); Multimode (optional feature)
  • Temperature Range: ? to 175