Pole Mount Transformer Winding Services Datasheets

Far East Enterprises, Inc.
from Far East Resources, Inc.

Far East Resources is a leading international procurement organization focused on providing various circuit technology to the commercial industry from the Pacific Rim since 1976. Assisting its customers in the sourcing of printed circuit boards (PCB) and other electronic interconnection devices, no... [See More]

  • Mounting: Chassis; Dish; Enclosure; Pad; PCB; H; Pole
  • Transformer Types: Autotransformer; Buck / Boost; Control; Current; Distribution; Ferroresonant; Filament; Flyback; Foilwound; High Frequency; Isolation; Laminated; Power; Pulse; RF; Step; Switchmode; 3-Phase; Toroidal
  • Company Information: Far East Resources, Inc. is partnered with one of China's major manufacturers of various kinds of high quality & competitive magnetic products i.e., transformers, power inductors, filter choke coils & coil assemblies. Providing risk-free Asian purchasing.
  • Application: Aero; Audio; Automotive; Site; Industrial; Instrumentation; Marine; Medical; Military; Drives; Utility; Telecom