Miniature Pushwheel Switches Datasheets

Ergonomic Actuation Thumbwheel -- 175DT
from elobau sensor technology, Inc.

Illuminated Thumbwheel 175DT is used in the armrests of agricultural machines and off highway vehicles. Thanks to the flat, miniature design, it is also ideally suited for use in various control panels and keypads. Thumbwheel 175DT can be mounted in Joystick grips 361G./362G. and 341G./342G., for... [See More]

  • Size: Miniature
  • Current: 0.0150
  • Operator Style: Thumbwheel
  • DC Voltage: 5.5
Switch, Miniature Pushwheel, 1 A CONTINUOUS, EXTENDED BOARD -- 70128677 [3P0210102 from C&K Components]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

Miniature Pushwheel Switches, 50 mV to 28 VDC, 10^9 Ohms (Min.) Insulation Resistance. Rating: Carry — 1 A continuous. Switch: 100 mA max. Operating Voltage: 50 mV to 28 VDC. Operating Temperature: –10 °C to 65 °C. Housing: ABS plastic, black. Pushwheel and Pushbutton:... [See More]

  • Size: Miniature
  • Current: 1
  • Operator Style: Other
  • DC Voltage: 28
200 Miniswitch® -- 02*L-NS
from Digitran Division

MIL approved, optional dial stops, fully sealed, replaceable lighting [See More]

  • Size: Miniature
  • Circuit Code: Octal (optional feature); Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) (optional feature); 12 Positions
  • Operator Style: Thumbwheel
  • Current: 3