Cylindrical Plug Plug and Pin Gages Datasheets

Pin Gage
from Assembly Tool Specialists, Inc.

These special round "No-Mar" pin gages from ATS range in size from 1MM to 10MM. Their all plastic design eliminates any marring to painted surface. These gages are furnished as "Reference Only" within +/- 10% tolerances and as "Serialized and Certified" within +/- 5% tolerances for ISO compliancy. [See More]

  • Gage Type: Cylindrical
  • Measurement Scale / Units: Metric
  • Holder / Handle Mounting Type: Reversible or Pin gage (optional feature)
  • Range or Size: 0.0394 to 0.3937
0.0001" Increment Plug Gages
from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

Durable, precision gage pins for production gaging. Plug Gages are hardened and cold stabilized. They are precision lapped to a 10-microinch surface finish, with ends ground square. Gage diameter is electro-etched on each pin. All gages are 2" long. Applications include checking hole sizes,... [See More]

  • Gage Type: Cylindrical
  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Measurement Scale / Units: English
  • Range or Size: 0.0101 to 1.01
Air Gaging Systems
from Edmunds Gages

Amplifier or scale with required air tooling, connectors & hose assemblies [See More]

  • Gage Type: No-Go (optional feature); Go (optional feature); Cylindrical (optional feature); Hex or Nut Gage (optional feature); Plain (optional feature); Taper (optional feature); Thread (optional feature)
  • Measurement Scale / Units: English (optional feature); Metric (optional feature)
  • Holder / Handle Mounting Type: Assembly with Handle (optional feature)
  • Gaging Technology: Air or Pneumatic; Electronic (optional feature)
Class X Gage Sets -- C105XM - Minus
from Meyer Gage Company, Inc.

Offers the same "features" as our Class Z pin gages but with .00004" tolerance limit and .00002" roundness limit. These pins are perfect for critical inspection needs or when you want to maximize your GO/NOGO tolerance limits. They're also a great way to calibrate measuring equipment, micrometers... [See More]

  • Gage Type: No-Go; Cylindrical; Gage Set or Tool Kit
  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Measurement Scale / Units: English
  • Range or Size: 0.0115 to 0.2505