Electric Vehicle Lead Acid Batteries Datasheets

Battery -- 2GC-110*
from Continental Batteries Company

Golf / Electric Vehicle [See More]

  • Application: Electric Vehicle
  • Capacity: 225
  • Voltage: 6
  • Width / Diameter: 7.12
EXIDE® Xtra Golf Cart Batteries - Lead-Acid (Flooded) Battery
from Exide Technologies

Exide has a full line of golf cart batteries to fit just about any application from golf carts to floor scrubbers. Vibration Resistant. Cast-on strap/through-partition connectors provide improved electrical conductivity and strength for superior vibration resistance. Speed Vents. Twist and release... [See More]

  • Application: Electric Vehicle
  • Technology: Flooded
  • Battery Type: Lead-acid Starting Battery
  • Voltage: 6 to 12
Sealed Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery with integrated charger, EnerSys Batteries -- Smartpack™
from H&K Equipment

H &K Equipment of Pittsburgh is proud to offer Smartpack Batteries. Smartpacks are sealed, VRLA batteries with onboard chargers that can be plugged into any 15A, 120V AC line. The fully automatic, integral battery charger is matched to the battery to maintain peak performance with plug-in... [See More]

  • Application: Electric Vehicle
  • Capacity: 160 to 600
  • Voltage: 12 to 24
Golf Car Flooded Batteries
from Johnson Controls, Inc.

Whether you need a battery to get you through multiple rounds of golf or reliable energy for industrial applications like scissor lifts or floor scrubbers, our golf car batteries are built to provide the deep cycle performance you need. Benefits include: High-density active material and a specially... [See More]

  • Application: Electric Vehicle
  • Technology: Flooded
  • Battery Type: Industrial Deep Cycle Battery (optional feature)