Catalysts / Initiators Toll Processing Services Datasheets

MIRWEC Coating, Inc.
from MIRWEC Coating

MIRWEC Coating offers a wide array of characterization equipment for testing and analyzing chemicals, compounds, substrates, and coated materials. Use of the characterization equipment is included with all scheduled testing at no additional cost. We also offer our knowledge, expertise, and decades... [See More]

  • Chemicals Processed: Acetylenes; Alcohols; Catalysts / Initiators; Chemical Agents / Additives; Cleaners / Surface Active Agents; Inorganic Chemicals; Monomers & Intermediates; Organic Chemicals; Pigments / Dyes; Polymers; Reagents; Solvents
  • Services Offered: Process Optimization; Research and Development; Training / Consulting; Trial Facility Leasing
  • Company Information: MIRWEC Coating serves a broad customer base with a wide variety of needs, focusing on extremely thin and extremely uniform roll-to-roll coating. Our coating technology and service is unparalleled.
  • Form: Liquids; Powders; Nanomaterials; Webs / Continuous Stock
Excel Polymers LLC
from Hexpol Compounding

Elastomer Solutions Suitable for Industrial Applications. Excel Polymers ’ Industrial compounding business provides a harmony of innovative products, systems and services to markets worldwide. Excel Polymers elastomeric solutions are the result of close cooperation with Original Equipment... [See More]

  • Chemicals Processed: Catalysts / Initiators; Chemical Agents / Additives; Filler / Extenders; Pigments / Dyes; Polymers
  • Services Offered: Process Optimization; Research and Development; Training / Consulting; Materials Sourcing; Recipes; Logistics
  • Company Information: Excel Polymers is the leading global merchant supplier of elastomeric solutions that include rubber compounding, elastomer compounding, roll compounds, rubber chemicals, and services.
  • Form: Liquids; Powders; Bulk Solids / Granules; Webs / Continuous Stock; Slabs; Strips; Pelletized