Aluminum Oxide Sharpening Stones

Alundum® Scythestone Coarse TD1 -- 61463687715
from Norton Abrasives

Alundum ® Scythestone Coarse TD1 [See More]

  • Abrasive / Stone: Aluminum Oxide
  • Length: 10.0
  • Type: Sharpening Stone; Abrasive File
  • Width: 1.312
Abrasive Stone
from DME Company

FOR GENERAL AND SPECIAL PURPOSE STONING,. FINISHING AND POLISHING OF MOLDS AND DIES. GENERAL PURPOSE STONES. These silicon carbide, vitri fied bond stones are available in two types: TYPE A: For use on steel prior to heat treating or for steel hardness lower. than 40 HRC. TYPE B: For steel... [See More]

  • Abrasive / Stone: Aluminum Oxide
  • Width: 0.375 to 0.500
  • Type: Sharpening Stone
  • Applications & Coarseness: Fine / Stoning (optional feature)