Tape / Label Fiber and Web Guiding Systems Datasheets

from FMS USA, Inc.

The steering frames FMS-webDIRECTOR have been specifically developed for use in machines which have long, free spans. Due to the design with the turning point outside of the steering frame it can also correct large deviations in the web position. Thanks to the modular design the steering frames are... [See More]

  • Application: Film; Tape / Label
  • Sensor: Ultrasound
  • Type of Web Guide: Steering
  • Actuator: Electromechanical
Kantiroller Steering Guide -- KA-R1/L1

Kantiroller Steering Guides provide web position correction by bending the web through a long entering span. These innovative guiding assemblies provide immediate lateral correction for transient errors, while at the same time compensating for the web's steady state errors. Powered either with an... [See More]

  • Application: Tape / Label
  • Actuator: Hydraulic (optional feature); Electromechanical (optional feature)
  • Type of Web Guide: Steering
  • Roller Width: 16