Crystallization Process Equipment and System Integration Services Datasheets

SUNKAIER Technology

About us. Sunkaier is a leading global supplier of process equipment, providing professional products and solutions to customers worldwide, and dedicated to the core technologies: mixing equipment, reacting equipment, thermal separation equipment, mechanical separation equipment. MIXING EQUIPMENT. [See More]

  • Process: Mixing; Crystallization; Drying; Evaporation; Milling; Reactor; Devolatilization
  • Services: CompleteSystem; Component
  • Company Information: SUNKAIER’s mission is to provide solutions to our customers’ problems and add value to their processes and operations. We offer our services through quick responses and strive to build long term relationships with our quality products and service.
  • Components: Exchangers; Mixers; Piping; Tanks
GIG Karasek, LLC
from GIG Karasek, LLC

Successfully thermally separating. Whether separation due to the boiling point, freezing point, or by sublimation due to the solubility we have the solution for you. Therefore, GIG Karasek is a leader in evaporation technologies, a major player when it comes to Thin Film and Short Path technology... [See More]

  • Process: Mixing; Crystallization; Distillation; Drying; Evaporation
  • Services: CompleteSystem; Design; Installation; Inspection; Maintanance; Process Development / Research and Development
  • Company Information: GIG Karasek LLC Provides testing, development & Modular Plants combining InCon Process Systems and GIG Karasek GmbH. Bringing 20 years of processing, plant design, operation and construction experience as the world leader in Thin Film Evaporator.
  • Components: Columns; Exchangers; Heaters; Mixers; Vessels; Separators; Evaporators
InCon Processing LLC
from InCon Process Systems

Equipment & Systems Technology. WE DELIVER YOUR COMMERCIAL SYSTEM. Using InCon ’s process knowledge and GIG Karasek's process and internationally acclaimed fabrication expertise, we will design, fabricate, test, deliver, and startup your system. GIG Karasek, the world ’s largest thin... [See More]

  • Process: Condensation; Crystallization; Distillation; Drying; Evaporation; Filtration
  • Services: CompleteSystem; Installation; Repair; Evaporation and Distillation Systems
  • Company Information: InCon is a recognized leader in the design, development, piloting, synthesis, and manufacture of Specialty Chemicals. Using our manufacturing expertise, we provide these Processing Systems in Molecular Distillation, Short Path & Wiped Film Evaporation.
  • Components: Columns; Controllers; Exchangers; Heaters; Piping; Vessels; Pumps; Separators; Tanks; Short Path & Wiped Film Evaporators
The Advanced Team, Inc.
from The Advanced Team, Inc.

We have service centers in: NC, OH, SC, VA [See More]

  • Process: Mixing; Combustion; Condensation; Crystallization; Distillation; Drying; Evaporation; Filtration; Injection; Melting; Milling; Reactor
  • Services: Design; Repair; Inspection; Maintanance; Training
  • Company Information: The Advanced Team specializes in Reliability/ Predictive Maintenance and Corrective/ Precision Laser Alignment services. We are certified in Vibration Analysis and Machinery Geometric Alignment. We solve process problems throughout NA and Internationally.
  • Components: Mixers; Pumps