Permeability - Liquid Permeation Instruments

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Stand Alone Permeation System
from Environics, Inc.

The Series 500 Stand Alone Permeation System is an exciting new product from Environics. The standard configuration is a passive system. The oven allows for single or multiple disposable permeation tubes. The system is extremely reliable, with accurate and stability of the temperature within 0.1oC. [See More]

  • Properties Analyzed: GasPermeability; LiquidPermeability
  • Test Media: Gases
Canopy Light Measurement -- LP-80
from Meter Group

The AccuPAR is a lightweight, portable PAR sensor wand that lets you measure canopy PAR interception at any location within a canopy. PAR data can be used with other climate data to estimate biomass production without destroying the crop. PAR is also important in determining other canopy processes,... [See More]

  • Properties Analyzed: LiquidPermeability; LAI, PAR
  • Display & Special Features: Digital; Handheld, Portable or Field; PC Interface / Networkable
  • Test Media: Plants
Mini Disk Portable Tension Infiltrometer
from Meter Group

Decagon's handheld Mini-disk Infiltrometer measures soil hydraulic conductivity quickly and easily in any soil type. The infiltrometer is constructed of a polycarbonate tube with a semi-permeable stainless steel sintered disk on the bottom. An adjustable steel tube above the sample chamber regulates... [See More]

  • Properties Analyzed: LiquidPermeability; Soil Hydraulic Conductivity
  • Display & Special Features: Handheld, Portable or Field
  • Test Media: Soil
Pore Water Sampler -- SK20
from Meter Group

Designed by UMS, a leading German instrumentation company, they reflect years of field experience and solid German design. Pore water samplers are an inexpensive way to pull water from the soil for your analysis. These samplers allow you to monitor chemicals, chemical movement, leaching, drainage,... [See More]

  • Properties Analyzed: LiquidPermeability
  • Display & Special Features: Handheld, Portable or Field
  • Test Media: Soil