Collection / Haulage Recycling and Reclamation Services Datasheets

Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc.
from Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc.

Clean Harbors has been a trusted source for environmental, energy and industrial  services since 1980. Because of Clean Harbors' commitment to health and safety, and quality conscious philosophy, unique expertise and capabilities, and reputation for keeping our customers' needs first, customers... [See More]

  • Services Offered: Collection / Haulage
  • Form: Liquids; Powders; Nanomaterials; Bulk Solids / Granules; Waste / Scrap; Webs / Continuous Stock; Gas / Liquid Gas
  • Process Technology: Abatement / Containment; Blending / Mixing; Cleaning / Stripping; Destruction (Shredding, Incineration, etc.); Encapsulation / Encasement; Filtration / Extraction; Packaging / Encapsulation; Recovery / Extraction; Recycling / Reclamation; Refining / Purification; Site Cleanup / Contaminant Removal; Sorting / Culling; Storage; Treatment / Decontamination; Vacuum Processing
  • Chemicals Processed: Alcohols; Biochemicals / APIs; Catalysts / Initiators; Chemical Agents / Additives; Cleaners / Surface Active Agents; Coolants / Refrigerants; Inorganic Chemicals; Lubricants / Greases; Monomers & Intermediates; Oils & Fuels; Organic Chemicals; Pharmaceuticals / Drugs; Polymers; Reagents; Solvents
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.
from Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.

Safety-Kleen recycles materials ranging from commodity chemicals to highly refined pharmaceutical reagents. They recycle millions of gallons of used oil to reusable premium base oil. They also offer patented coolant/fluid filtration system & services. [See More]

  • Services Offered: Collection / Haulage; Used oil collection
  • Form: Liquids; Waste / Scrap
  • Process Technology: Reconditioning / Resurfacing; Recycling / Reclamation; Refining / Purification; Storage
  • Chemicals Processed: Oils & Fuels