DeviceNet Vacuum Sensors Datasheets

Capacitance Manometer, XacTorr® Series -- CMX0 / CMX1 / CMX2 / CMX3
from Brooks Instrument

Maximize the efficiency and performance of your vacuum-dependent processes: Choose XacTorr ® Series digital vacuum capacitance manometers from Brooks Instrument. XacTorr ® Series devices incorporate industry-leading features that improve measurement reliability, minimize drift, resist... [See More]

  • Signal Output: Analog Voltage; RS232/485; DeviceNet
  • Sensor Technology: Variable Capacitance
  • Device Category: Sensor
  • Vacuum Range: 1000 to 0.1000
Pressure Transmitter -- Model CN422
from Viatran

The CANopen CN422 is a versatile high-performance test and controls sensor with CAN protocol and a quick delivery interval. The electronics and silicon sensor design have a combined accuracy over temperature of better than ±0.08% with an optional improved accuracy of better than ±0.04%... [See More]

  • Signal Output: DeviceNet; CANopen
  • Sensor Technology: Strain Gauge
  • Device Category: Sensor; Transmitter
  • Vacuum Range: 259335 to 760