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PetroChem Inspection Services
from PetroChem Inspection Services

Compliance Services: We conduct scheduled inspections to provide integrity of the Pressure Vessels, Piping systems, and above ground Storage Tanks. This gives us failure rates, predicted life expectancy, and retirement/re-newal dates. This keeps the facility in compliance with OSHA 1910 part J... [See More]

  • Industry: Aerospace; Chemical Processing; Energy; Food and Beverage; Pharmaceutical; Pulp and Paper; Petroleum
  • Services: Test / Inspect
  • Company Information: PetroChem Inspection Services is a full service provider of inspection services. Our clients rely on PetroChem for all their inspection needs - onstream, turnaround, quality assurance, and capital projects. We are a one-stop shop.
  • Location: Headquarters in Pasadena, Texas; Operating Locations in TX, LA, MI and IL
Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. -- Emergency Reponse Services
from Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc.

Clean Harbors has been a trusted source for environmental, energy and industrial  services since 1980. Because of Clean Harbors' commitment to health and safety, and quality conscious philosophy, unique expertise and capabilities, and reputation for keeping our customers' needs first, customers... [See More]

  • Industry: Aerospace; Agricultural; Appliances; Automotive; Biotechnology; Building and Construction; Chemical Processing; Computer; Consumer; Education; Electronics; Energy; Environment; Food and Beverage; General Industrial; Government; Marine; Medical; Metals and Mining; Military; Packaging; Pharmaceutical; Pulp and Paper; Rail; Telecommunications; Transportation; Petroleum
  • Services: Certify
  • Company Information: Clean Harbors is the leading provider of environmental, energy and industrial services throughout North America. The Company serves a diverse customer base, including a majority of the Fortune 500 companies, thousands of smaller private entities and numerous federal, state, provincial and local governmental agencies.
  • Location: Locations throughout the United States and Canada