Carbon / Graphite Nanoparticle and Powder Processing Services Datasheets

Quantachrome Instruments
from Quantachrome Instruments

Quantachrome's Material Characterization Laboratory offers a very broad range of measurement services in support of production, and quality assurance requirements for catalysts, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, abrasives, desiccants, cements, powder metallurgy, carbon blacks, ferrites, toners and dozens... [See More]

  • Materials Processed: Carbon / Graphite; Ceramics; PreciousNoble; Reactive / Refractory; Minerals
  • Services Offered: Analytical Testing / Inspection
  • Company Information: Services include measurement of surface area, pore size, pore volume, density, active metal area & dispersion, temperature programmed analyses of catalysts, and water sorption studies.
  • Processes: We support processing by providing characterization of powders (size, surface area, porosity, water vapor sorption, etc)
Custom Processing Services
from Custom Processing Services, Inc.

Custom Processing Services' staff are experts in the fields of micronizing and media milling. We utilize over 20 different processing stations in order to perfectly match the equipment selection to the raw material which is being transformed. Using the most technologically-advanced fluidized bed jet... [See More]

  • Materials Processed: Adhesives / Sealants; Carbon / Graphite; Ceramics; Coatings / Paint; Metals / Elements; Ferrous / Iron Based; Non-ferrous; PreciousNoble; Reactive / Refractory; Minerals
  • Services Offered: Process Development Services; Process Optimization; Research and Development; Trial Facility Leasing; Warehousing / Distribution; Nano-Sizing Via Wet or Dry Grinding
  • Company Information: Custom Processing Services is a contract manufacturer offering particle size reduction services for a wide range of industries. CPS processes a variety of materials including chemicals, minerals, metals, food grade products, and biochemicals/API's.
  • Processes: Blending / Mixing; Coating; Crushing / Compacting; Drying / Freeze Drying; Screening / Grading; Dispersions mixing medium to high viscosity products; Liquid to liquid & liquid to solid mixing. Nanotechnology.