Closed / Squared Ends Die Springs Datasheets

Extra Heavy Duty Spring
from DME Company

Maximum Deflection: 25% of Free Length. Efficient Operating Range: 15% of Free Length [See More]

  • End Configuration: Closed (squared) ends
  • Free length: 1 to 12
  • Outer Diameter: 0.2362 to 0.7874
Custom Compression Springs -- We can make virtually any design
from Murphy & Read Spring Manufacturing Co.

Murphy & Read has been designing and producing custom compression springs for nearly a century and has built a wealth of experience and expertise in both design and manufacturing. We have provided thousands of solutions for applications ranging from simple household hardware to ultra-precision... [See More]

  • End Configuration: Ground ends; Closed (squared) ends
  • Material: Stainless Steel; High Carbon Steel; Alloy Steel (Music Wire); Nickey Alloy; Copper Base Alloy; Brass; Hard Drawn
Die Spring (stock) -- 3001
from W.B. Jones Spring Company

Wide selection of quality die springs. Die springs are used in die machinery, but also perform well in applications involving high-static or shock load stresses. Die springs are made of rectangular shaped material to reduce the solid height and increase efficiency.Our die springs are developed to... [See More]

  • End Configuration: Ground ends; Closed (squared) ends
  • Free length: 1
  • Wire diameter: 0.0390 to 0.0620
  • Spring rate: 56