Industrial Condensate Polishers

Condensate Separators
from Chicago Pneumatic and Pneumatech

CP's Condensate Separator series (CPP) allows you to minimize your compressed air waste treatment costs and care for the environment all at once. CPP solution uses a patented multi-stage filtration process that separates contaminants from condensate. The contaminants are trapped in the 1st stage... [See More]

  • Market: Industrial
Deep Bed Condensate Polishers
from Graver Water Systems, LLC

Deep bed/mixed bed condensate polishers are the preferred technology for plants using high TDS cooling waters such as seawater, as well as where there is a requirement to operate long term with small condenser leaks or an inability to control excessive air in-leakage. Both Deep Bed and Precoat type... [See More]

  • Market: Industrial
DOW™ Electrodionization Modules -- EDI-310
from Dupont Water Solutions

With unsurpassed technological innovations and R &D capabilities, combined with state-of-the-art design and production processes, Dow Water & Process Solutions consistently delivers high performance, long service life, electrodeionization products to customers worldwide. By harnessing... [See More]

  • Market: Industrial
  • Operating Flow Rates: 6.6 to 10