Returnable / Reusable Tier Sheets and Divider Sheets

Divider Sheets
from Orbis

Divider Sheets provide maximum product protection and load stability for unitized loads of food, beverage and industrial products. When combined with plastic pallets and top frames, an efficient shipping system is created for storage and transport. These reusable plastic Divider Sheets are placed... [See More]

  • Features: Recyclable; Returnable / Reusable
  • Maximum Dimension: 44 to 56
  • Material Type: Plastic
Pacific Tier Sheets
from Rehrig Pacific Company

The Reusable, Sanitary Separator Solution. Rehrig Pacific Tier Sheets are the ideal replacement for both fiber and corrugated sheets and are manufactured to exceed industry packaging standards. Rehrig ’s reusable Tier Sheets are designed and produced with precision to retain the right amounts... [See More]

  • Features: Moisture / Vapor; Recyclable; Returnable / Reusable
  • Maximum Dimension: 20 to 50
  • Material Type: Plastic
Plastic Divider Sheets
from Fresh Pak Corporation

A sustainable high performance returnable packaging for the canning and beverage industries. Plastic divider sheets are the most efficient technique for transport of empty cans, containers, and bottles to fillers in the food and beverage industry. Also called plastic tier sheets, plastic layer pads,... [See More]

  • Features: Moisture / Vapor; Recyclable; Returnable / Reusable
  • Material Type: Plastic