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Small volume proving and master metering of ultrasonic and coriolis meters

Traditional mechanical flowmeters are typically verified in the field by a small volume or ball prover. What are the arguments for and against using these provers on ultrasonic and coriolis meter types, and what are the technical and regulatory possibilities for master metering?

Originally presented: November 25, 2019
Duration: 1 hour
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Mechanical flowmeters such as turbines and positive displacement meters are sensitive to viscosity changes. To eliminate these effects, the meter's measured flowrates are proven against a small-volume piston prover or ball prover on the actual fluid flowing at the meter installation site.

Newer technology ultrasonic and coriolis flowmeters are far less sensitive to fluid viscosity variation, which raises questions about whether in-field proving is still required. A second question is whether the short proving cycle times of a small volume prover, which are sometimes less than 1 second, form a good combination with types of metering technologies.

This webinar will provide a brief history of in-field proving for context and then review the pros and cons of using small-volume provers on newer technology meters. Also covered will be the possibilities for master metering as an alternative to in-field proving.

Key Takeaways

  • Gain insight into the history of proving and reviewing of methods
  • Understand the operating principle of ultrasonic and coriolis flowmeters
  • Learn about the possibilities of using small volume provers on ultrasonic and coriolis meters
  • See how master metering compares to Small Volume Provers
  • Gain insight into the diagnostic capabilities of ultrasonic and coriolis meters


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