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Accelerate Silicon Photonics Development with Advanced Testing and Automation

Register to learn how modern silicon photonic device development requires more than simple testing with a power meter and light source, and how to integrate advanced measurements early and throughout the development process to minimize design iterations.

Date: July 23, 2020
Time: 2 PM EDT (11 AM PDT / 8:00 PM CEST)
Duration: 1 hour
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This webinar will describe Luna's advanced approach to silicon photonics testing and Maple Leaf Photonics' modular and flexible platform for automated testing of dies, and how these two technologies integrate into an effective complete solution for silicon photonics. The presenters will show how, with fast and precise device characterization technology and intelligent probe station techniques, you can assess design and fabrication fidelity early in the manufacturing process, even before wafer completion.

Attendees will learn how to extend these into the various stages of back-end processing, optical subassemblies and in component forms to speed your development cycles and eliminate non-value-added activities.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the importance and unique challenges of silicon photonics test at wafer, die and subassembly levels
  • Understand how to perform fast and detailed all-parameter device characterization using Luna's OBR and OVA technologies
  • Fully characterize your complex E-O designs earlier in the fabrication and development cycle to identify yield limitations, performance margins, fab errors and other missteps
  • Learn quickly and adapt your test protocols to reveal the most vital attributes representative of your designs in operation and to assure fabrication tolerances are maintained


Brian J. Soller, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and General Manager, Luna Innovations

Dr. Soller is currently senior vice president and general manager for the Lightwave Division of Luna Innovations. Dr. Soller co-developed the instrumentation for fiber optic devices manufactured by Luna and has over 15 issued patents in optics with an expertise in the interferometric measurement field. Prior to joining Luna he served as vice president of marketing for Micron Optics and vice president of global sales and business development for Lightpath Technologies. He received bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics and physics from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and a doctoral degree from the Institute of Optics, University of Rochester.

B. Roe Hemenway, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer, Maple Leaf Photonics

Roe Hemenway is chief technical advisor with Maple Leaf Photonics. His leverages his optical physics knowledge in innovative Si and III-V OEICs for high speed communication links and novel optical network architectures. He earned a Ph.D. in applied physics from Stanford University where he invented a compact high speed silicon integrated light modulator and has recently advanced the passive assembly of DFB lasers and silicon WDM PICs. With Maple Leaf Photonics, he has co-developed modular automated probe systems ideally suited to integrated photonic research and development. He has 35 years of R&D experience in optical communications technology at AT&T Bell Labs, MIT Lincoln Labs, DiCon Fiberoptics, Corning, Inc., Macom Technology Solutions and now MLP. Roe has published over 100 technical papers and has 14 patents.